Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am a woman for fairy tales, romance novels, sweeping love stories and Happily Ever After. I do believe in true love. I do believe in kismet, fate...divine providence. Believing all those things doesn't mean I am waiting for Prince Charming, or Mr. Right. I am neither desperate or indifferent. I am open to love.

In this time of self-discovery, discernment and growth I realize that what I want, resides in me. That as I become more of myself, my soul mate will reflect that. I am my happily ever after. I do not say that in defeat. I say it in celebration. I am a complete woman. I am a woman who welcomes sharing my life, soul, heart with another.


Organized Noise said...

I wish more people would realize this. We have to love yourself before and after expecting anyone else to do it. Too many people depend on others to do what they need to do themselves.

Her Side said...

I love this blog. Folks spend more time reading, writing, and talking about Hollywood gossip than the life-giving force of love.

Years ago, I read a book by Miles Monroe (title escapes me) about how a powerful relationship doesn't start with two halves, but with two wholes who decided to spend life together.

Oh how marriage and love cold last if more women (and men) did this work of getting whole first.

Solomon said...

I've been doing a little work on myself lately as well. Can't ever be to healthy!

I love the comment above by Her Side: "how a powerful relationship doesn't start with two halves, but with two wholes who decided to spend life together."

I'm going to remember that one. I have been in way to many relationships with two halves, or even worse.

Princess Tinybutt said...

yes, yes, YES. i help women with this everyday and i can't say it enough. 'YOU ARE YOUR OWN HAPPILY EVER AFTER".

and it STARTS with you as well. define what YOUR happily ever after is for you. not what you've read/seen/heard or what sister friend said.

'her side' is right. it's a wonderful book. and monroe is right as well. what do you look like 'whole'. who are you 'whole'. like attracts like, knowingly or not.


Dana said...

Very nice! Is it fair to say that these realizations come with age?

Go B. said...

Well said lady and I feel the same way. It's hard to explain I'm not bitter..I'm just single not looking but open to love like you!

Great post. I have got to get to your blog talk radio.


Her Side said...

Dana, it's like you read my mind. My fiance and I ask ourselves the same thing. Are we so happy because we found the right person, learned enough lessons, or simply found wisdom with age?

Age is a huge part of it, primarily because pop culture stunts the spiritual and emotional growth required to build relationships based on mature love.

Think about it. Where can you find any good models of mature love on tv, on the radio, or even a friggin magazine cover? We're bombarded with the opposite message, until years of experience hit us over the head with the truth.

One of the reasons Barack and Michelle are so popular is because they represent the image of love that people long to see and want to believe is real.

Lovebabz said...

Organized Noise,
I hear you. However it takes a few heartbreaks and setbacks to bring some people into relationship discernment. Discernement about their lives in overall.

Her Side,

Thank you so much for you insightful and enthusiastic comments! and I am glad you love the blog. This is my life. Go back into my archives and see how I am learning and transforming this big life.

Get to the heart of the matter!

YOU are so right "like attracts like" That is critical...what is on your mind reflects in your life and in your choices.

I would say yes with age and a willingness to extend yourself beyond ego.

Her Side,
I do so appreciate your response. Feel free to come and comment and respond as you see fit. We are all on this journey together :)

Single Mom Seeking said...

Whew, what a message!! Love it, love it... Thank you. Your spirit is infectious.