Tuesday, February 17, 2009



There is nothing more powerful, life changing, uplifting, scary, amazing, calming, satisfying than those three words strung together. Children are created on the promise of these words. Lives transformed by these words.

What gives them power? What makes these three words bring joy to many and apprehension and disbelief in others? I am convinced that it is the intentions behind these words. The feelings and the history all rolled into one. I believe it is the Divinity's way of connecting us soul to soul. It is more than breathless kisses, and moonlight walks. It is the extending of one's self for the sake of another and being fine if the favor is not returned. Love is self-less...but not foolish. Love does not call for remaining in pain and unhappiness for the sake of another. Sometimes you gotta walk away for Love's sake. Sometimes the call to love is one that we each hear for ourselves. To love ourselves first. To be our best selves first.

Words indeed have power. It is our attachment and understanding of the words that give us the meaning and feelings. Like when you hear a song that speaks directly to you. It is as if that singer is singing directly to you about you.

I love you is the sweetest. Hearing I love you back is even sweeter.


MzTeeJaye said...

Thank you for checking in on me...

Vérité Parlant said...

Sorry I missed Love Talk today. Love poems are right up my alley, but I'll listen to it later today if it's up.

Drop by BlogHer because I'm sure you have an opinion on what makes a good marriage work or whether it's a woman's fault if her husband cheats.


MsKnowitAll said...

Oh Sister Lovebabz, I LOVE YOU!
What a profound post!

The lyrics:
"You knew you had me
With your sensuous charm
Yet you looked so alarmed
As I walked on by

An awesome wonder
You had to know why
I did not respond
to carry on

Love me in a special way
What more can I say?
Love me now"

... popped into my mind. Words do I have power, which is why we must surround ourselves with positive messages, songs, poetry, people, at all times.

Thank you.

clnmike said...

Great post.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Did "The Voice of Love" make your poetry list?

Happy Best Holiday

Lovebabz said...

Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you :)

Verite Parlant
Will be doing another show on poetry..so you can join in!

I did drop by BlogHer and left a post...nothing provocative...LOL!

Lovebabz said...

Ms Know It All,
Oh I feel the LOVE :)

Great lyrics!


No I did not but I did mention you as a great poet who does not often share those talents :)