Thursday, February 12, 2009


While downtown with time left on the meter after running some errands in City Hall. I strolled around the corner to one of my favorite shops...the English Market. I popped in and hung around for a bit and bought a vintage hat to go with a coat I have that needed this hat..LOL! It was $ in my budget!

I left the English Market and decided to stop into Beauty Plus. A black-owned beauty supply store/gallery/boutique/card shop/greek paraphernalia business. I had it in my mind to just browse for wigs. I mean, as my sister-friend JB's said...who's permission do you need?

I bought a curly shoulder length wig with a few blonde and light brown strands. The Lady working in the store was too nice. She said the only real way to know if a wig is right for you is to try a few. So I did. I started very conservatively...straight with a bit of a not me! The next one was very curly and very short, looked like a nest...Not for me! The third one was the charm. Conjures up images of rock stars and chartreuse's on some smokey stage singing...My Man. LOL! Yes! all that from a wig!

My intentions was to wear my new wig on Friday to a Valentine's Day Party. But I decided to rock it yesterday. Let me tell you the moment I put it on, it felt like the universe shifted. I had new found VIXEN ENERGY! Everywhere I went yesterday folks...I mean MEN! Just fell over themselves complimenting me and looking at me and being super friendly. Now It's a wig. I know it's just a wig, but the real power of the wig is not the wig itself, but ME. Me changing the energy surrounding ME. Me peeling away the mommy mode and embracing the sexy. LOL!

I needed that attitude adjustment yesterday. The power of the wig is just what this Mommy needed. Recapturing my inner sexy! And letting it shine through! I have decided I like wearing a wig and will get a few more. I like the feeling I get of changing my look with little effort and commitment. I mean I had dreadlocks for 12 years and now I am wearing my hair razored to my scalp and I love it. But a wig gives you more options to express and for me that would be my inner sexy. onto the outer body!


Anonymous said...

girl..where is the picture of the wig. I wore two different wigs when my hair was growing back from a wack job in all efforts to go natural..

I found them to be kinda toasty underneath and would often threat of removing it at my desk..(so funny) go head girl with your new look!

Congratulations HUN!

Go .

Sista GP said...

Don't know if I'll sport a wig, it's so dang hot down here.

clnmike said...

Your right it wasnt the wig it was the confidence in you that the wig brought out that had them drooling.

Princess Tinybutt said...


you are innately confident. no matter how you may be feeling at any given moment. people can sense it.

i'm with you and mike-- let 'em drool!

Aunt Jackie said...

look at you bringing sexy back! I absolutely LOVE IT!

Solomon said...

It's amazing what a small change in attitude can bring.

Keep it up Lovebabz!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Girl, it is the confidence and swagger in your walk when feel wonderful that attracts attention!!!

That wig only gave you the lift you needed. It's the same feeling women get when we walk out the hair salon with a fresh new 'do.

If that wig did it for you, I say get five more, LOL!!!

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

Go girl u have the sexy vixen n u just gotta let it out more often!