Sunday, February 15, 2009


As I go about the business of building this new life that includes dating, romance and dare I say love. I am ever mindful of the traps of romantic love: Roses, rose colored glasses and an orchestra playing Love Is A Many Splendid Thing. Don't get me wrong I am a girl for all that too.

The reality of loveships are people connecting with flaws, human frailties and fears. We all have them. The tricky part is accepting them in each other. Do you believe my strengths are greater than my shortcomings. And if you believe they are, can you live happily ever after with all of me. The beautiful and the not so beautiful. There is no perfection. There is no right. There is only a willingness to make it a go. A willingness to love inspite of human frailties.

All I have is all that I am. There are days when I can scale the castle walls with bravado, sword in hand. And then there are days when I can barely climb out of bed and want to retreat from a harsh world (those are few and far between). Sometimes I am charming beyond compare and my witty self is dazzling. There are also days when I am snarky, snippy and down right mean and nasty. I am a lover of life and few are strangers to me. I laugh with gusto and I love with abandon. I am a woman deeply rooted in the here and now.

Loving me requires LOVING ALL OF ME! Not just the parts that are charming and smart and loving and beautiful and pleasant. But the parts that aren't. Loving me means you gotta support my dreams and cheer me on and hold my hand and hug me and make love to me with great passion and desire. Loving Me All requires this.

There is no perfection in my being, except that I am perfect to creator. There is no right unless I am teaching my children to treat folks the way they want to be treated.

Loving me all is what I do and what I need.