Sunday, September 21, 2008


My beautiful son turned 10 today! He was waiting for 10 for a long time. He believes it is the beginning of magical times ahead. I have to agree!

Gregory arrived when he 5 years old. That is an undesirable age for a kid waiting to be adopted. No one wants a kid older than 3. Most folks feel that any child over 3 will be a problem. They would be right. And so what. Yes Gregory has a lot of issues and we are managing them as they arise. His issues have nothing to do with him deserving and needing a loving caring family. I love him with all his issues. I love him because he has a fighting spirit and a will to get to the next day. He is my son and he deserves a mother's love.

His gift was a brand new bike. As a matter of fact I got all 4 kids new bikes. Now so many didn't see the logic in this. As if giving them all a bike takes away the specialness of the day. Well a candle is not diminished when it lights another candle. My other 3 children could happily celebrate Gregory's birthday with him. I could not just get him a bike while the others just look on. So I got them all bikes! Now this is not he norm. But this gift was a big deal and it warranted a big effort.

I want for my son to grow up knowing that there are folks in the world that care about his happiness, his well being and his spirit. I want my son to continue on the path of being a loving, kind and gentle soul. He is smart and funny and silly. He is a strong child. Stronger than he ought to be at that age. He has seen too much, experienced too much before he arrived home. It's been five years since his arrival and I have seen the grand sweeping changes. I see the anger subsiding. I see the fear diminishing. He is trusting me. He is trusting the community I built to support him. I cannot imagine my life without him.

Happy Birthday dearest Gregory! You are so beautiful to me!


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Sistah!

God bless you for giving him the gift of motherly love....I think the bike idea was's fun riding a bike...but even more fun when you can ride with your crew!!!

clnmike said...

Happy B Day little man.

The Bear Maiden said...

Happy Birthday, Dearest Gregory.

Actually... I do see the logic in the gift... because it's true... it's no fun (and dangerous, actually) to ride a bike alone. And they will all remember Gregory's special day... the day they all got bikes and could ride as a family! That's awesome.

And besides... he already has the greatest gift EVER... a home, and a mother's love.

the prisoner's wife said...

awww...BORN DAY wishes to Gregory!

and i think that's a GREAT idea giving them all bikes! now they can roll out together!

liv said...

HB, big man! What a sweet way to celebrate the day---on bikes with your sibs!

Princess Tinybutt said...

happy, happy birthday gregory. congrats sis! what gift you are to each other. and yes, i was one of those who poo poo'ed the bike thing. sorry. i've always had to share my bday, so i get a little protective, lol!

MzTeeJaye said...

Your family is beautiful which is no surprise because of your beautiful spirit...Happy Birthday Gregory..

laurie said...

Happy birthday, beautiful Gregory! And he really, really is! You tell him I said so!

NoRegrets said...

What a wonderful (albeit expensive) idea to give bikes to all! That's great.

sista gp said...

tell my little cuz, Happy 10th Birthday.

getting bikes for all is a great idea since they can ride out together.

i get so "mommy-worried" when manny-man goes riding alone when no other kids are out.

he's gotten so much better since he first rode it two months ago; less scrapes and bruises.

dejanae said...

happy bornday gregory

can u adopt me so i can get my bike too?

Rich said...

Happy Birthday Gregory!

u r a good momma.

MsKnowitAll said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Gregory!

Congratulations to you Proud Mama Lovebabz.

Mizrepresent said...

That is so beautiful! Happy Birthday to Gregory, and big kudo's to you!