Sunday, September 7, 2008


If you know anything about Historically Black Colleges (HBCU's) then you know Queens, Pageants, homecoming are BIG DEALS!

I ran and won Miss United Negro College Fund (UNCF) now this is second only to the Homecoming Queen and each club, sorority and fraternity had their own queens that made up the homecoming Queen's court. As a northern girl, I had no knowledge of all this pageantry until I got to college in the south. Man it was thrilling. Don't ask me how I got rooked into this hoopla. My sophomore year, my then boyfriend/fiancee suggested that I do it. My talent...I recited Nikki Giovanni's poem "Ego Tripping" It was wonderful. So much so our College President created a debate team and a oratory team. Anyway, my photo was in Ebony magazine, I went to NYC to tape the UNCF telethon. I hosted the telethon in my city on our local station and I shot a national psa for UNCF that ran all night long on the telethon.

I was nominated for President of the Student Government Association (SGA). I declined. I said I would run as vice president. My Soror stepped in and we ran together on one ticket. We won. we served 1 two year term. Under our term we had a jammin' homecoming. We booked the SOS Band. Ok keep in mind this is the early 1980's LOL! We hosted a large voter registration drive. We invited Reverend Jessie Jackson and Andrew Young. They came and supported our efforts. I went on a bus trip with Rev Jackson and Andrew Young throughout the south registering voters in rural sourthern states. It was an experience that changed my life and got me squarely on the road to public service.

While in College, I directed my first and only play. A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry. It was an amazing thing. We built a set---by real contractors, we auditioned students, we rehearsed and we opened to great success and press and we made money that of course went toward UNCF. I was asked to continue directing. I declined. I did it once I was happy and thrilled but I had had enough. It was a grueling schedule, lots of drama from the school administration and it took me away form other interests. Theatre is not my thing. Not as director, or actor. I do however love to go to the theatre and watch and enjoy.

I am 5"8' tall. In college I was a a perfect size 14. This made me attractive to department stores as a full size model. You get asked often enough you do it. So I started modeling here at home for Macy's, and local boutiques on school breaks. When I got back to school I would do it for Belk's and other boutiques. We had a modeling club and I got rooked into that. That got on my nerves...the modeling club. Because all the students involved were obnoxious and conceited and I certainly did not fit in there. But I did it as a favor to a friend and I had a crush on one of the guys. This Brother was fine as hell! But he was stupid as hell and I couldn't stand that. So we never got together. I must say modeling kept me in really nice clothes that I couldn't otherwise afford. That was my real motivation.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i thought women prefered fine and money over brains

and u a queen in my eyes scholar

Lovebabz said...

Hey Torrance,

Some women do prefer fine and money. I on the other hand prefer fine and smart, well read and kind!

Thank you, that is a mighty fine compliment coming from you!

flutter said...

You rock. Period.

clnmike said...

I cant recall if my old college had a uncef queen, I dont think we did.

looks like you come from a good back ground, lol.

Lovebabz said...

Thank you Flutter!

Ok thanks! If you went to a HBCU, you had one, you just didn't pay attention to all that.

Mizrepresent said...

Lady doesn't it feel good to look back and see all that you have achieved. This reminded me of my achievements and also of the confidence i had...confidence that said i could accomplish anything...this is where i need to get back to...this is a must!

Monique said...

You better go girl. You know we are all about homecoming and student activities in college in the South. Oh, I how I miss my days at my HBCU. LOL

Anali said...

I used to love the SOS Band!!! Still do! That must have been great to see them live.

Angie-Nuvision said...

All of that is so interesting. You have quite a story. Perhaps I will do something like this on my blog.