Wednesday, August 6, 2008


There is nothing about me or my life that would lead anyone to believe I know anything at all. There are days when I can't get out of my own way! There are times when I can't remember what I said moments ago.

I walk this earth in search of a peaceful existence. I believe that each encounter, every interaction with another being is divinely orchestrated. Meaning if I met you, if I know you, then it was divinely planned. I also believe that each experience whether it is a crisis or joyous celebration is designed to teach us something about how to live the best possible life right now. I do not believe in accidents. I do not believe in chance anything. I believe that all things are purposeful...designed to connect us back to our love one another with great passion and reverence. Some of us have more profound lessons to get and to share. Some of us get it already and hold the lantern on the pathway for others. There are those who wander aimlessly looking for a pathway... looking for a kind soul for direction. We are all seekers and sharers and lovers. All wanting to find a comfortable place to rest, fellowship and love.

I have always had a strong sense of the divine. Even as a child I could feel the presence of GOD all the time. Even in some of the darkest moments...unspeakable moments I could feel the divinity pulling me. I no longer have just a push-pull relationship with GOD. I surrender as best as I can. That is my lesson, to let go and let GOD. Sometimes I forget and the push-pull thing creates drama. But when I surrender to the divinity a sense of clarity and calmness blankets my life.

It is this divinity that fuels my fearlessness. My salvation lies not in giving until I break even. But really in forgiving myself and those around me for the small and big hurts, wounds, betrayals and petty misunderstandings. I am not perfect all. But in the divinity my imperfections are perfect in the eyes of GOD. I am after all created in the image of the divine.

There is a great deal of love residing in me. I can barely contain it. I can barely keep it inside. It begs to be turned loose. I am boldly allowing the love in me to connect to the love inside others. There is nothing else for me to do but love. It is my divine calling.

So to all I meet, the love in me is connecting to the love in you!


The Bear Maiden said...


The older I get the less I know...

NoRegrets said...

Just what I needed...

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Sistah!

I too believe that we meet people for a reason, season, & a lifetime........well atleast you don't forget what you were talking about mid-sentence like my sistah-friend......that's for the love...and I love you too!

nikki said...

totally agree with you here. i see every connection as divinely orchestrated and even if the outcome isn't the most favorable for me, i am open enough to pull the positive from it and take it to the next situation.

Lovebabz said...

Hello Bear Maiden,
I am hoping the older I get the more I learn!

No regrets,
Yes we all need a reminder about our divinity!

Sister Keisha,
Love you too! I am not owning forgetting stuff mid-sentence...LOL!

Yes Nikki,
That is it! Each meeting, experience prepares you for the next!

Anali said...

What a great post to get me going this morning. My goal for the day is to surrender.

Jennifer said...

I heard someone say that perfection is the lowest possible standard of achievement. I believe it. I strive to be outstanding instead. I know you do too. Freedom and happiness exist in a dimension beyond perfection. I'm glad we are friends in THAT space.

Lovebabz said...

Hello Anali!
Congrats on your blog award! Sister surrendering is very hard for me...but whn I do my life soars inways that astound me!

Hello Jennifer,
How nice to see you here! yes indeed we are both committed to living in freedom, peace, happiness and LOVE!

A Go Bytch said...


Lovebabz said...

Hello Sister AGB,

Thank you! Thank YOU!

Moanerplicity said...

I think it's a profound sense of SELF-knowledge to say we don't know ish. I mean, most people I know like to walk around THINKING that's got it all figured out. I actually laugh at them, because in actuality, they don't even have a clue.

Wisdom isn't about KNOWING everything... it's knowing that you don't... & NEVER will.


Lovebabz said...

Hello Monerplicity,
I have no problem saying I don't know. That is the only way my life can be open to the newest and greatest adventures. Learning is an adventure! If you know everything you miss out on all the joys!