Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have been imagining that God is a taxi driver, blowing his horn in his cab outside my door waiting for my ass to come out. I open the door and shout, I am ready, give me a minute, I'll be right there.  But the truth is if you are shouting back I am ready, I'll be right there, then chances are you are not ready!

I believed I was ready for every good thing coming my way.  But the reality is, I have overlooked the forest for the trees.  I was wishing and hoping for good things to happen and not noticing good things were happening all along. What I realized is that there have been many gifts laid in my lap and I stood up and let them crash to the floor.  It is only in hindsight that I see this clearly.  I am in the middle of a grand blessing and I was about to chuck it away when I realized I was being blind and stupid.  WOW!  It is a sobering thing to realize you let blessings chase you down.

When our prayers are answered we assume they will be answered in the same manner in which we asked...word for word.   We get ready for the magic and block out all other opportunities that come our way.  This is what I was doing.  I couldn't recognize my blessings because I was looking for them in the manner in which I asked for them in prayer. I know crazy right!  It was only until divine light illuminated my path (meaning when I took my head out of my ass) was I able to see my foolishness and recognize my blessing was here all along... chasing me down.

This is new for me.  This is a huge learning experience, seeing what is rather than what I hope would be.  Sometimes what we want is so not in alignment with what we need.  That blessings show up in the most unexpected packages, experiences and people and if we are not careful and open we will miss out.

So from now on when the taxi is outside my door blowing... I will open the door and step out ready!


Big Mark 243 said...

I thought that you were supposed to ask for what you want and be specific for what you ask for. So it is the 'ready' part that many mess up on. Myself, I belief in the 'time is now' theory or blessings. I continue to fulfill my part of the equation and when the answer comes...

... and even though I have screwed up some answers, I never stop getting ready with the idea of actually being ready. You just never know because your dream can still happen so you better watch for it..!

Guess what my word verification is... IMPROVE..!

Lovebabz said...

Hi Big Mark 243,
You are indeed suppose to ask for what you want. The caveat is you have to be ready. You know that age old careful what you wish for...

Sonia Rumzi said...

But the Lord knows what we want. And when it comes, jump on it. :) When we ask the right thing, it is like that! Great post, thank you and hello. We are on the blog tour together. :) Wanted to introduce myself.

Lovebabz said...

Hi Sonia!
You came too early...I wasn't ready for you LOL! Thank you and I will come by!