Friday, June 3, 2011


I haven't really thought about what's next.  I am always asked and encouraged to write a book.  I am not sure.  My first thought was, my story isn't unique, there's tons of abuse stories, hardship, obstacles etc already out there.  I mean who is better than Oprah and her telling her story.  Then someone said to me it's not so much your story, but rather how you managed to move forward inspite of it all.  How you managed to live on beyond, the pain, grief, betrayal and heartache. And that has me thinking.  Is there something I could say to folks to help them move on in their lives?

I don't know.  Do I have something to say to add to the positive energy of folks out there guiding folks to their better selves?  All I know is that I press on and try to see things clearer each day.  I try to live a certain kind of way that brings me peace, love and joy.  I have been on this path for quite sometime...perhaps all of my life and didn't know it.  I was lucky I realized that I could be different, live different, love different just by changing my mind about what I was willing to live with and tolerate.  What was I willing to change in myself.  What was I willing to give up in people, places and things in order to get to the peace, love and joy I so believed I could have.

So maybe a book of sorts is calling.  Maybe capturing the feel of this blog and expanding on lessons learned and expressed here could be of some help to someone.  Maybe I am a lighthouse. Or maybe I just hold the lamp for someone else to see their way forward, or at the very least see where they are standing.

I could use some feedback.  I could use some encouragement.  I need a sign! LOL! Or maybe I don't.  Maybe I already know what's next and I am afraid.  Or maybe I just do what I do best and change my mind about being afraid and get on and do the damn thing!

HHhhmmmmm. I am always transitioning.


Mizrepresent said...

You should write it! Everybody has a story and your story could help uplift someone else. If you write it, i will be the first to offer my assistance in helping you to get it published.

Lovebabz said...

WOW Miz!
You are too kind! Thank you! I am giving this real serious thought!

Mizrepresent said...

Do that :)