Friday, July 31, 2009


Over and over I am brought to my knees because I allowed myself to be consumed by lack of money. When I come from a place of lack it means I am tight fisted and blocking my own blessings. I do not like having money be so important to me that when I am without it I am sad, depressed, and angry. And when I get money I am immediately happier, and joyful. Money shouldn't have that kind of power over me. It is my challenge to set myself free from that kind of slavery.

I have all that I need. Whatever financial challenges I have, requires me to be creative in my solutions and overcoming those challenges. I cannot allow the joy that resides in me to be diminished because of the lack of money. Money cannot have that kind of power over my well being. Instead of allowing what I lack become larger than life. I need to have some perspective and think about how to see my financial challenges differently.

Reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book EXCUSES BEGONE! he says you originated in a world of abundance, which you unquestionably have the ability to access. He advocates shifting from I can't afford it to Whatever I need in the form of assistance to guide me in the direction of my life is not only available, but is on its way.

I am understanding that joy, happiness and love have nothing to do with lack or money. And that I need not link money to my feelings of profound joy, happiness and love. I just have to continue to believe and live the fact that what is needed will come. It always has.

The only power money should have is the ability to purchase things. That's it. Not make my day happy or sad. I control how I feel. My thoughts drive my feelings and I am changing my mind to change my life. Money is not an emotion and should not have emotional status. It is up to me and my thoughts to change my relationship with money. To allow money to respectfully return to a place of being a tool and not an emotional crutch with the power to affect my mood and how I move around the world.

Money is not an emotion.


MsKnowitAll said...

Amen Sister Lovebabz!

Solomon said...

I'm feeling you on this one Lovebabz. I don't let lack of money steal my joy. It isn't worth it to me. I realize that everything I need will come, so there is no sense in getting down about something as temporary as a money problem.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

This one definitely spoke to me. I go through the same bouts at times. I've gotten a better handle on it as of late and am moving closer to keeping in check consistently. But I definitely understand. You can absolutely tell when I have money. I'm the life of the party.