Wednesday, July 29, 2009


CONNECTION. COORDINATION. RESPONSE. Tango is about connecting intimately with your partner, the floor, the music. It is letting the body flow. It is responding to everything all at once. This is the Tao of Tango.

Last night I learned a new Tango step. I love the way I am learning to Tango. I am loving how I am yielding to the dance, the partners, the music. I am stepping onto the floor with more confidence. With each step I am committed to the dance. I am committed to the love of Tango.

We made love all night. We started well before midnight and finished with the morning pushing through the windows. There was no time or space where we existed. We were of one body...a continuation of a long running love story. Last night was different than all the nights before. This was a different passion. A surrendering of all that we are and all that we mean to each other. It was was was full circle.

The Tango requires that you open yourself up and let the music flow through you. You cannot resist the music, the feel of the sensual. If you do resist, you are not dancing the Tango. It is forceful. It is bold. It is masculine and feminine. It is living life with passion.

The passion between us remains explosive...but not violent. It is sensual and tender. It is comforting and safe. I am at home in his arms in a way that I have never been with anyone ever. It is profound this sense of passion and joy. It makes me strong and not needy. It makes me be bold and not insecure.

The Tango speaks to living with passion and joy and harmony and balance.

The Love Story continues...

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Mizrepresent said...

It's a beautiful story Lovebabz, an i am enjoying it so...i will continue on this journey with you...letting you lead, no doubt. lol!