Friday, July 24, 2009


The only absolute I know is LOVE. I believe that in love that all things are possible. I am not talking about the dribble of so-called romantic love...although that has it place and rightfully so. I am talking about love that restores, strengthens and connects. Those that understand this know how to walk the earth in peace. Others that know this walk the world doing for the world.

For those of Us who believe in love absolutely we know that whatever chaos exists in the world and or in our lives, or around the corner all we have to do is stand in love and not be moved. Yes called to action, but not moved by fear. To stand in a state of Love absolutely requires a willingness to see the world and your place in it in a different way. It asks you to see the world from a place of love. To do so energizes each of us to reach out and connect with each other. To save the world means first seeing all the love in the world, even in the midst of great loss, sadness, hardship and great human suffering. We are each more than our worst moments.

Love absolutely asks us to move forward and live with a full heart. To take whatever comes and embrace the what is. Not settle for less than all the best love has to offer.


Big Mark 243 said...

Interesting take on love. I don't necessarily agree with making a point of excluding romantic love from the LOVE you speak of.

There is too much beauty in the world for the seperation of romance from the idea that only a true and deep love is the love that is sustaining. Romantic love is a part of that love too, and while people can question the different connective tissue to their main interest, the romance, the wooing of their inner essence to that main interest is what brought them to where they are.

It is not a perversion to compare Einstein's intellectual pursuits a romance of sorts. And it could also be said that he found a certain peace and completness in that love.

With out the romance tha inspires the sensuality, the allure of love, what would love then be?

I also have trouble with the last paragraph. To take whatever comes and then to not settle is a contradiction.

Love, true love is complete in and of itself. It is the was, the is, and the will be. There is no need to wonder if this is all there is, because IT IS.

Mizrepresent said...

This was very moving and something i needed to hear today. When faced with great fear and trepidation, sadness and dissapointment...if i stand in a state of love and promise to not be moved...even my attitude changes. Funny, my son was telling me the same thing...he said to me, i'm thinking positive mom...i need you to do the same.

Solomon said...

Just what I needed to hear today also. I choose to live in love and walk in love, because even though there are so many things going on that are sad and I don't agree with, that doesn't mean that I need to get caught up in all that mess. I choose to see the good, the love, in people, and on life. Thinking positive as we go out on our journey everyday is the only option for me. Thatnks for sharing Lovebabz!

Lovebabz said...

Big Mark 243
Interesting perpesctive...will give some thought.

Your son is WISE LOL!

Her Side said...

I agree with Mark that Romantic Love can't be left out of this equation, because it is merely a manifestation of love between a man and a woman, just like a parent manifests love for a child with hugs and special treats.

Romantic love is a gift, a unique and intimate way to express love to a single person in ways that aren't shared with the world-at-large.

It is much safer to consider that "lust" doesn't make the list, since lust is a manifestation of sexual desire without love/intimacy.

I just love your writing!

Moanerplicity said...

Ahhhhh yes! You've discovered The Secret to Everything: the reason n why we are here, why we exist, why we excel, why we dance with our hearts, why we suffer, why we are able to heal... and ultimately what we are here to learn. LOVE IS the ANSWER!



The Real Ginger said...

You had me at Absolute!