Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Body Language. Eyes up, no looking at your feet. There is nothing to see on the floor. The way to move is to wait for the direction from your partner. Read body language...this is The Tao of Tango.

So we are abstaining from making love for 14 days. Discipline. Clarity. Catching one's breath. We are consumed with passion. We are each others ignition. He wants this to be something real. I already know and believe in the realness of Us. He does too, but he wants certainty. He wants absolutes. I know there are no absolutes. But there is divinity and what is meant for you won't get by you. So I am surrendering to his declarations.

Gauchos in Tango requires the woman to kick. The Man must not only guide you into the gaucho, but he has to set his body in order to receive the kick. You have to read body language, you have to be in tuned to your partner. You have to be in the foot off the ground all the time. He has to move you, pivot you, direct you.

I love his reasons for taking this loveship to the next level. He is serious. He has always been serious. He is a very grounded soul. Wise beyond his years. He is pragmatic as I am a dreamer. He is a task master where I am a free spirit. He is a man for a map where I will follow where the day takes me. What binds us, roots us, connects us is the passion. We balance each other. I am not afraid of him. He has always been a safe meaning no harm will come to me by his hand. No harsh words will he ever speak to me. He wasn't raised that way nor is it in his nature. He loves me from the highest place in his soul. He loves me from the deepest recesses of his heart. He is for me and I am for him.

To Tango is to live with passion. There is no way to dance this dance and not feel the music, the pace of your partners heart moving you across the floor. The thing about Tango is that it keeps your full attention. There is no quitting, only more dancing.

So He is making room for me. He is including me in his dreams, his right now and his future. There is nothing for me to do but follow. I happily follow.

The Love Story continues....


Rich Fitzgerald said...

...and you don't "claim" to be a writer. Get outta here with that! You so vividly displayed the connection and the emotion that is transpiring between you and your new love.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Oh, learning to follow and be led. I just love it!

I agree with Rich...such a beautiful way to describe your journey. Looking forward to the updates.

Solomon said...

I am following also, following along with you just to see where this journey is going.....


Her Side said...

OMG. I just read Part 2 of a series called "How to Be Authentic with People Who Love You but Don’t Understand." I apologize that it isn't directly related to this post, but I needed a place to get this link to you, Lovebabz. LOL

Link to post here. Good... no GREAT stuff that I believe you'd appreciate...

JSADTheKing said...

Dang! Now I want to learn to Tango with my girl. LOL.

Lovebabz said...

Ha ha Ha.

Kay C,
This series of updates is really telling itslf. I am glad you like it. I am enjoying living it.

LOL! I am anxious as to where this journey leads also!

Her Side,
NO APOLOGIZE NECESSARY! Thank you, I will check it out!

YOU absolutely should learn to Tango with your Girl! It is very sexy...but it does require commitment :)