Friday, July 17, 2009


No one can manage the world alone. There those who try and are quite successful for awhile. No one should spend their time in the company of folks who don't lift their spirits, but so many do and explain the reason for their unhappiness with clear, concise points. We can tolerate mess, but run from real love.

We will jump through hoops for lovers who have nothing in common with us except neediness. But when real love walks up to us and introduces itself, we are unsure...afraid. Is it because we have been so needy for so long? We've been mis-treated for so long that when it all changes for the better we are stunned. We are used to the pain and often humiliation. We are used to begging. We are used to auditioning, convincing and settling for love or what we think is love.

It requires a great deal of faith, strength and courage to allow love to come and set up residence in your heart. You have to listen with you heart and mind and squash the world of naysayers and internal critics. Love asks that you give up happily managing loneliness. Faith in love calls you to wait and believe that as you do your internal growth work, your best self will attract who you are. Strength in love calls us to be still and allow love to emerge. Courage in love calls us to be open and vulnerable. Not vulnerable to being hurt or being treated any kind of way, but open to the spirit of another who has your best interest at heart.

The question begs to be asked...WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?


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