Monday, July 20, 2009


I do know that whatever happens I will be alright. I posses a deep and abiding faith in the healing and restorative power of God. Love sustains and heals, nurtures and grows. I live this.

This beautiful Love Story that is unfolding day by day with my dearest friend of 35 years is a prime example of Love all around. I did not see him coming, but he certainly is and was what I needed in this moment. In this moment. I am not sure if he is the one to end my days with. I am sure of the enduring friendship. We move ourselves forward with open hearts if we are brave enough to allow what is to come to come. It is hard to be still and let love be. We are each human beings and as such we are used to putting our handiwork into things. We believe we just can't leave things to chance. Love does not asks us to do anything accept live with a full heart.

I was prepared to speak from a different place this morning and in my drive back home from dropping off the children I realized that I was thinking from a place of fear and lack. I was clearly not holding onto my faith or having faith in the universe's ability to present to me all that I need and want without struggle. So for me this morning it is about standing in the space of being more than alright regardless of the challenges, fears and insecurities.

I am standing in the space of more than alright. I will be more than alright no matter what comes around, what goes away. I am holding that thought...belief as my meditation today. So when I find myself fearful of what I don't have, or what I lack this will bring me back to abundance.

I am always asking the question: WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Yes, the Love Story continues....


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I needed that.

Solomon said...

You always have something to say that warms my heart, and makes it much easier to veture out into another day.

I love your story, it is inspiring!

Moanerplicity said...

What I dig most of all is how you continually affirm and reaffirm your self, your living, your ability to know and to give love, and your deep and sheer motherwit that things will be all right. More than a positive outlook, I sense a blind and radiant light of faith in you. As a reader and believer in you, that faith alone is mad beautiful, and deeply encouraging.

Snatch JOY, my Sista!

One Love.

LadyLee said...

Good stuff there. When I get into fear, I am quick to recognize it.

And then I tell myself "My faith must go past my feelings".

We are more than alright. It's those crazy pictures we paint in our heads that we gotta shoot down...