Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am highly intuitive. To some folks that may read psychic. I do not think or call myself psychic. I cannot predict when things will happen. I cannot guess lottery numbers. I do know when the phone is about to ring and I do know when folks are thinking about me. And a few other things.

I was always freakishly intuitive. But I have learned over the years to adjust my vibrations. I have learned to deal with what people say rather than their truths underneath what they say. Meaning, people will say one thing but really want or think another. I happen to know that about a person, what their real feelings are. I can feel it. Yep this can be unsettling to them and to me too for that matter. I connect to people I have an affinity for. But I have learned/trained myself to deal with what anyone tells me at face value rather than what I feel from them. And it doesn't matter the mode of communication. I can feel through the Internet, letters, telephones and person to person.

Lately this notion of people not seeking truth, joy and love is sad to me. Because I am learning that the opposite of love is fear. It is fear that keeps people from their truths. I am guilty of it too. Fear grips me and I am learning to recognize it and put it back in its place. I am becoming fearless and in that I am becoming more loving or should I say love-ful!

What is it that makes us so afraid to share our best with someone. Nobody wants to be the first to say I love you. No one wants the other to know that they deeply care for them because they fear rejection and a broken heart. No one wants to be made a fool of. And I also think that people don't trust their own intuition. Intuition has gotten a bad rap over the years. People tend to think it means touchy feel-ly. That it's not rooted in anything concrete. I beg to differ. It is that inner voice that can guide and direct Us. It is the voice of God and angels always whispering. Many have learned to fear their intuitive selves. Because it makes you vulnerable. "What if I make a mistake" Well I say mistakes are lessons.

We are not born with all the answers. We are born with a spirit that seeks love. Many think being vulnerable puts you at a disadvantage not only in love affairs but in any affair. So we all suit up in armour to protect our hearts from attacks. And we think we are really living and being smart and cautious, when in fact we are wasting time. Wasting time.

So I am welcoming my intuitive self. I am feeling all that I can about everyone that walks into my grand life. And all who come in will be loved. All who come in will be loved.


Stephen Bess said...

I'm feeling the love. :) Yes, that "something" that speaks to us is definitely God. He leads me and guides me everyday. He tells me when to slow down and speed up. He tells me when to speak and be quiet. He is my helper and my redeemer and most of all he is LOVE. Thanks for that beautiful message. Peace~

Lovebabz said...

Good Morning Stephen Bess,
Yes indeed, God is still speaking!

Ask Aunt B said...

Oddly enough,(they call me Babz too) I say the same thing and have the same feelings on Intuitiveness. Great summation!

Babz Bitchin

May-Bee said...


It seems you are very in tune with what I'm feeling and thinking. Yesterday's post about the children really struck a chord as I spent too long wallowing and feel I'm just waking up again after 6 months. Waking up to how wonderful it is to have my three girls in my life. I think the fact that the ex doesn't seem to want much to do with them has helped bring my own love for them into sharper focus.

Intuition... I think perhaps we do all have it, but sometimes suppress it by intellectualizing everything or just ignoring it or passing it off as 'coincidence.'

I don't mean to make your entries all about me! But when I read your words, I do reflect on my own life and thoughts.

Love to you,


Sharon said...

May-bee commented that she doesn't mean to make your entry all about her, to which I must ask, "How can one not?" Your blog and you are so very amazing because in speaking in such intimate detail and with such precise specificity about love you are in essence speaking everyday about each and every one of us as WE ARE LOVE!

To your point about no one wanting to be the first to say "I love you", you are so correct it ain't even funny. Now imagine that, how can one wish to avoid being associated with something as indescribably potent as loving another first and without reservations? I cringe when I think of how long I too have allowed fear to steal from me all of the love I was entitled to...

Great post but then again, around these here parts that's to be expected!

Lovebabz said...

Hey Aunt B,
Glad you came back by. Love the Babz bitchin! I could have easily went with that myself!

You are welcome to post as long and how much as you like. Sometimes I do that at other folks site so, I am not in the lest disturbed by it! I welcome it. There has to be room for discernment and sometimes as you are writing you can work a thing out.

I swear I am walking up to my fears and I packing them up and sending them on a slow boat to China! I am not afraid to love someone. I am not afraid to love myself!

Bernice Burks - Sista GP said...

hi, first visit
The day after hubby and I first met, we were able to finish each others thoughts/sentences, but in recent years we have not spent much time together (work related) and we do not do that much anymore.
Sometimes I have to stop myself from interrupting people who are speaking to me when in my head it seems like I know what they are going to say.
I never thought about it much, I guess that I just knew how conversations usually flow.

My hubby hates watching mystery movies with me.

Lovebabz said...

Sista GP,

Yes, my ex-husband would always be freaked out when I would figure plots, or I would tell him to answer his cellphone. Although some the plots are so ridiculous that you had to be an idiot not to get them!

Thnaks for coming by. You are welcome here all the all the time.

CapCity said...

Let the Choich say YAYYYMEN!
Letting go of fear takes VIGILANCE - and I AM LOVING every moment!

Well, Sistah Love we'll miss u here on the 26th - but U & I can have our own meet up whenever u tryin'ta visit the city -- or maybe i'll take a drive into the CounTryside this summer;-). LOL!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Well, I owed you visit to be sure. And I am one, my dear, who comes to tell you that I have no intuition about anything at all. I have no ESP. I don't see visions. My sleeping dreams predict nothing.

I'm also a city boy and that stuff I find a little scary anyway. I am a believer in the talking cure, however. Not group therapy, not EST, not the forum, or Esalen, or TM, or Zen Buddhism,just good old 50-minute-hour-one-on-one talk thereapy with a licensed psychiatrist with a degree from a great medical school.

I guess it's sort of Jewish church in a way. Our version of the Old Testament, you see, doesn't allow for personal relationships with God, merely atonement for ones own sins. We get no free passes.

To the point, if I learned one thing useful in psychotherapy, it was this: I'm a neurotic guy who's afraid of a lot of stuff so if I'm afraid of a lot of stuff it's just as easy to be afraid of nothing.

I just proved that, no? How many men around here are admitting to having been in psychotherapy?

Exclusive of me, over/under is 3/4-1 1/2, meaning you can bet that fewer than 3/4 of a man has admitted it one this space or bet that more than 1 1/2 men have admitted it on this space. The fracions are a conceit to resolve ties.

Lovebabz said...

My Dearest Kelso,

You knew enough to realize that you should come over to post!

You are a very interesting man. And I knew a great deal about the jewish faith considering my children's God-mother is Jewish and I live in a heavily populated affluent Jewish and Black neighborhood...lots of orthodox jews!

But you may be right about copping to going to therapy! It is NOT a macho thing. You my friend, I suspect cares so little about appearances. What the fuck do you care about who knows you have been in therapy! Me too!, I have been in therapy and I suspect I will be again.

I miss you. I miss you a whole lot! and I feel like I just only found you and you have moved away!

But alteast I know where you haunt and you know where I am.

Be well. Be well.

Angie said...

Hey Honey! Wonderful post! I really, really identified with it. And I also learned from it.
I'm back home. So, I'll be coming by more often and reading your great post.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Well, I'm about as far away from Orthodox as you can get. I belonged to a Humanist Shul in NYC and went for High Holiday services only and my son goes to the kids playschool there sometimes. I don't keep kosher or any of that.

And as for MACHO, there are many ways to skin a cat. I'm sure it won't surprise you to read that seeing a psychiatrist IS form of MACHO among Jewish men, with the idea being that (a) you're not afraid of what you might find out about yourself and (b) that you're rich enough to afford it!

Every culture has its peculiarities. The talking-cure is something we kind of claim as our own, not that there can't be wonderful gentile shrinks but you know how it is.

And,no, I don't do anyone any favors by commenting at the site of anyone I like and respect and NOT BE MYSELF ALL OF THE TIME

Lovebabz said...

Hey Angie,
Thank you and I look forward to you coming back and hanging out!

Don't stay away so long, check in. Or course I will find you...I will follow the witty repartee!

Princess TinyButt said...

hmmm. yes. like you i feel that we are spirits born. born with this 'intuition' already. but then it's 'trained' out of us. from us. so far from us that it becomes foriegn. strange. uncomfortable. and THEN we intellectualize it.

no more fear. just love, my sweet.

i love you :)

Lovebabz said...

You are right! We are trained out of it!

I love you!