Monday, April 14, 2008


Sometimes I do not answer them right off when they call me. I let them call me several times. I love hearing them call Mommy! Mommy I/we need you! I never tire of it. It is like God is talking directly to me. I love when they are outside and I am inside and I can hear them talking, it always comes back to Mommy said, or I am going to ask Mommy, or I am telling Mommy! it cracks me up, how I am their all-knowing, all-problem solving Mother.

Being their mother is my greatest joy. Everyday I am freaked out that I am their mother. I think about this everyday. How did I get these divine children? Me. I am always thinking about how I want them to be in the world. How can I aid in their development as decent, caring, honorable people? Raising them is so critically important to me. I am deliberate in my coordination of activities and friendships. I happily place myself between them and the world. I am the filter until they are able to discern for themselves the goings and comings of the world and the people in it.

They each have an arrival story they love to hear over and over. Margeaux's story--knock knock, Hello Mrs. here is your baby. She was wrapped in this huge pink and white crocheted blanket, the social worker handed her to me and out the door she went. I was left holding this tiny 5lbs baby who was wiggly and beautiful. Briana's story-was the first time she called me Mom. She was 3 years old and it was the first week of school. Briana is a very quiet child. Every morning was a mad dash out the door to get her to school and myself to work. The first two days I drove all the way to work with her in the back seat. I pulled into my office parking space and I go to get out and I scream OMG! what are you doing here! she looked at me with a blank stare as if to say...and you are my Mother? On the third day I was about to miss the turn to the school and she said in a firm but tiny voice Mom don't miss the turn. My heart soared and I knew right then I was her Mother. I cried all the way to work! Khalil arrived with no language skills..none! He sounded like Nell and Pooty Tang rolled into one. We found him a speech therapist, I worked with him night and day and today he can talk anyone under the table. He loves when I tell him he is the cutest kid in the world! Gregory was the last to arrive and the oldest. He was adorable but with a whole lot of issues. He loves when I tell his story about how he came and his tooth was loose and I pulled it. The social worker said he wouldn't let his foster parents near it it. I said open wide, and I pulled it out. He was amazed! He still thinks I have some magical power! I do...I love him!

I don't know why I have 4 children. I just know that I am so happy I do. I cannot imagine my life without them. They make me a better woman everyday. I may never get a date ever again. But I do know that I will always have their love! They certainly have my heart for all eternity.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Geat post ms "cooler than a shade tree". I wish all parents could feel the same way

Lovebabz said...

Mr. Stephens coming from you is a high honor indeed! You my friend have set the parenting bar HIGH!
Thank you.

Piecake said...

Beautiful post. It's nice to take a little time out to realize how great being a parent is.

Don said...

i love this post. alot.

lovebabz if i am not mistaken my reference to single mothers show admiration to women like you who handle business, reagrdless...

does it not?

i applaud you.

Ndelible said...


You hit the nail on the head! Well, except the part about not ever having a date again! As much as I love my son - I know that I must have romantic love in my life in order to be a better mother to him.

Who are we without the thought that we'll never have a date again?

Damn fione babes with the pick of the litter, that's who!!!!!

Ndel's World

The Artist In Me said...

This post is fabulous. There is indeed something so special about a mother's love. I have not had the pleasure to be one as of yet, but can only pray that I am so blessed to be in the future.

Be blessed!
P.S. If you have a Coldstone Creamery around your way, I believe that they are giving away free ice cream today. Take the kids...I am sure they would love it!

Lovebabz said...

Thanks...I was inspired by your post a few weeks back about spie.

Hi Don,
Thank you. Taking the time to appreciate Mothers as women is a wonderful sentiment.

Youa re sooo RIGHT! Although a woman with 4 kids can scare a great many men matter how cute they are...4 is a big number. Never mind the fact that I have taken care of their future collge expenses and that they have an active father. I am feeling you about FIONE!

No...Shhhh about Stone Cold Creamery!

I have every confidence that you will be a fine Mom! You are already an amazing woman!

Sister P said...

Love this one! There's nothing worse than an always annoyed mother. You do us and your babies proud mama! I'm an old mom (first child at 35) and I think that's why I appreciate every second of every minute with my baby girl.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sister P.

Thank YOU! I hear you! I am an old parent too. My first came about that age too--maybe a few years older!

danielletbd said...

Those are exactly the kinds of moments I am eagerly awaiting to have with the children I haven't yet been blessed with.

I think there are a lot of things we take forgranted in this life, and the simple, every day moments with our children are unfortunately the bulk of that list. If I had heard my parents speak about me the way you do about your children-- just once-- it would have made all the difference in the world to the mentality with which I grew up and the way I approached our family.

Lovebabz said...

Hello danielletbd,

The coolest thing about being grown is that you can absolutely give yourself what you need NOW. You can create the family you want NOW or whenever you are ready.

Thanks for the kind words. Each day I get up and I am thanking for my they can drive me crazy, but it is a good crazy!

CapCity said...

yea, this is a wonderful post, sistah Love!

I came by to ask also if u up for coming into NYC/Bklyn for a blog meet on April 26th? check my spot....

Lovebabz said...

Hey Capcity,

That is my son Khalil's 7th birthday. We have a ritual for kid birthdays...they get to bake their own cake...fosting and all!

Sorry that I will miss the maiden meeting, but will be ready for the next!

Sharon said...

So it was already established that you and I are Twins, and then...this post shows up! I'm thinking now that Twins may not be a strong enough word. Check with your family and I'll check with mine, but I think based on the way we feel about our children AND the way we show them how we feel about them that you and I must be test tube babies and somehow, either by design or accident, the cells in ONE particular tube were divided into two tubes and implanted into waiting mothers on opposing sides of the country. I say this because YOU AND ME Babz -- we're the same!

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sharon,
Sister-twin...we are indeed the same! I do not need to shake the family tree...I am sure!

Princess TinyButt said...

ah yes, i agree with torrance. i see you feel the same way i do about being a mommy! hearing ladybug say 'mommy' and knowing that she KNOWS that i KNOW. i wrote about it here ( )

how amazing it is for you to have FOUR. just heaven my love.

ps... happy bday sisterlo :)

Lovebabz said...

Thank you! Having four is divine. Being a mommyy is my greatest joy and I am grateful for the chance to do it.

And I will read your article.