Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday started out as a fabulous day. I posted my gratitude. I was on my own personal high. By late afternoon it became increasingly difficult to stay in my joy. My daughter Briana and my son Gregory got sick in school. My ex-husband was trying to start some nonsense with me. And I began to not feel well. I have a Doctor's appointment this morning. I am having trouble breathing and I have this relentless cough. Anyway, I pressed on through my day yesterday determined to stay in joy, peace and love. AArrggh! Even my Crush was having a bad day and was bit cross with me..OK annoyed with me about not being totally in agreement with his perspective. (sigh)

But here's what I know: All those things are external. And really do not have to pull me out of sorts. Nothing can take me out of my joy, peace and love unless I let it. Caring about what happens to the world and all the folks I care about in it will be challenging on some days. How I choose to live is all about where I want to be in my spirit. I can care, and love and be a force of goodwill even in the face of the most challenging times. I choose to be happy.

So today is a new day and I am starting it like I do everyday...Happy and in love and hoping that the day will meet me with the same, but if not, I remain happy, calm and in love.


Jennifer said...

Get to the doctor! The only Mom can hold everything down is to take care of herself! Peace is a a state of mind, not a material condition or a circumstance.

Lovebabz said...


I love that! Peace is a state mind, not a material condition or circumsatnce---I am posting this in the foyer! Yes you are RIGHT---Off I go to the Dr.!

Tony OH said...

Somebody Needs a Hug.....MmmmmmUH!!!
Did you get It? Good.....Stay Up Girl!

May-Bee said...

Feel better! Don't let life, and the bastard(s) bring you down. Or: nil illegitimum carborundum. I think. I took Latin at school but that was quite a while ago.

Anyway, keep your chin up!

BTW, ex-husbands starting nonsense is a nasty virus that seems to be going around.

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...


I have a huge favor to ask you. No rush, I've been waiting years and I just know that the wait is worth it no matter how much longer I have to wait. I have no idea how you will react, but just thinking about it is making ME smile. LOL

Feel better Love,

Ali's Zay

Lovebabz said...

OK Xavier,
You cannot leave a post like that and expect me to wait until you ask your favor!!!! Email mail me and I will give you my numbers. Oh and I did call you and left a message.

Princess TinyButt said...