Saturday, April 5, 2008


I am inspired by the Prisoner's Wife--go roun' and show her some LOVE!
And Stephen Bess, who is committed to writing a poem every day for the month of April...his poetry is hauntingly beautiful.

I wrote this for my Sister Lo who when my now Brother-in-law "T" wanted to propose he called me to say Lo was being funky about getting a engagement ring. He wanted her to have one, she thought it was ridiculous and wanted just a band on their wedding day. At that time my Mother was still alive and she was pleading with my Sister to just accept T's ring and stop being...difficult. My Sister and I are very headstrong---I did not have an engagement ring either. Anyway My Mother ordered me...yes ordered me to deal with my Sister. So I wrote a poem, put it on lovely paper and FedEx it to her. She accepted his ring. My Mother was happy and I too eventually bought myself an engagement ring. (note: I was already married at the time--but decided if my Sister would wear a engagement I would too in solidarity! Yep, I love my Sister)

For Lo & "T"
August 13, 1996

the directions may not always be clear
so you make plans
and plans and plans

you tell the world I was made to love him
I was made to love her

nothing is ever sure or 100%
the safety is knowing that there is love
strong, passionate and

there is no such thing as always eye to eye
even miss piggy and kermit have their
moments of sheer bliss
and chaos

you know every time you walk through the front door,
every time
you are not at your best
that this is work and commitment and

go for the gold

go on get married!


Stephen Bess said...

Beautiful piece! My birthday is Aug 13th. By the way, thank you for the compliment.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Stephen,

How funny is that! And thank you for the compliment! Coming from you is a big DEAL!

Mizrepresent said...

How sweet Lovebabz!

Lovebabz said...

Hey MizR,

It is sweet! I had almost forgotten this story until my Sister Lo reminded me of it a few days ago.

Sharon said...

What a lovely thing to do for your sister...helping her to recognize her blessing. I find myself often being the sounding board for my best friend and her husband both; they both often say that were it not for me, they would probably have been divorced in their first year of marriage. They've been married 10 years now. I simply try to help each see the other's perspective as I can see how much they adore each other even in the darkness of midnight and more importantly, even when one or both of them lose sight of that love!

Ms Smack said...

Absolutely beautiful, I agree with your other readers.

I'm petrified of getting married these days, but I admire people who do find that someone who is worthy of them.

Bravo to you and your sister.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sharon,

My Sister is my Ying to my Yang! I could not be in the world without her.

Hey Ms. Smack,

Well I am getting divorced! I am not terrified of getting married or being married. I may even do it again someday.

The Artist In Me said...

"Even Miss Piggy and Kermit have their moments of sheer bliss and chaos."

As one of my favorite movies as a child was "Muppets Take Manhatten", I remember how jealous Miss Piggy was when she thought Kermit was messing around with Jenny. They fought like cats and dogs in that movie, but also loved each other so. Funny...great analogy!

Hope all is well. Be blessed!

Lovebabz said...


Girl, I know the Muppetts all too well as my children are discovering them!

All is as it should be.

the prisoner's wife said...

awww, how CUTE!

how sweet of you to write a poem for your sis. i love it!

Lovebabz said...

Hey TPW,

Yep sometimes you gotta add a lot of sugar! It gets sweeter everytime I think of it (smile)