Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I decided to get up every morning at 4:30am to work out. That's it. No excuses. I set my iPhone to alarm with the sound of harps to peacefully wake me. There is no magic potions. No magic exercises. No magic fairy who will come and wave a magic wand and Abra Ka-dabra I am thin and fit. There is only me, my mindset and sweat. I have decided.

Yes, I have decided many many many times before and I've failed, quit, whined, made excuses, felt sorry, and stayed in this body unhappily. I have stopped looking in mirrors, bought bigger sizes. I stopped looking at myself. I tried to live my life without ever seeing myself. How foolish and sad.

No one has the right answer for how to do this except me. I am designing a plan as I go along. It starts with getting up at 4:30am and sweating. It requires drinking water. Eating sensibly without deprivation and starvation. It requires me to look at myself EVERYDAY! I do believe I love who I am and I need to act accordingly. There is no waiting for this weight to change, move or go away before I live a fabulous life. I am living a fabulous life right now in this size. No one can or will make me feel less than. I will not allow it.

The last 3 days have been amazing. I have gotten up without talking myself out of getting up. When the iPhone alarms it says: GET UP GET MOVING! as the harps play. I am going to write a motivational saying on my bathroom mirror. I am going to be my biggest motivator, cheerleader and FAN!


Monique said...

Good deal lady! I know how hard it be to motivate yourself but you can do it. I've been working out consistently for 3 weeks with my mom and I'm finally startingto see results. Hang in there! You can do it! FYI: is a great site for weight loss and fitness

Big Mark 243 said...

Ooh... I have a spark page too!!

It is great that you find the motivation and strength to exercise. I know that there is a school that says to 'find a partner', but I remember when I first began to get in condition to play hockey and box, I did the heavy lifting on my lonely.

You can only do so much in a group. And finding an exercise buddy who is learning as they go with you, I think, has more problems than not.

Being mentally strong and focused, is what I draw on. Starting somewhere is always better than not starting at all. There are certain benchmarks that help create confidence and results. Once you begin to reach those plateaus and see the change, I think it will inspire you even more!!

Shoot! I am going to want to see a picture of you now!!

Her Side said...

I am dangerously close to taking some "before" pictures and getting this thing started too!

I appreciate the spark you sent my way today.