Friday, March 12, 2010


I am going to BE in love. That's it.

He said, "We ought to be able to bring peace to each other" That was my light bulb moment. I can choose to see his point of view. I can choose to be open to exploring his principles about how to live in harmony and peace. I want peace. love. joy. friendship. love.

We've been at odds with how to move forward. Lots of miscommunication and hurt feelings and endings. Lots of endings. And yet we are drawn to each other. We come back around and start again. There is much left unspoken. We are both masters at self preservation. We both want to explore this love that has been growing between us since we were kids. Can we leave this alone and walk away? We are choosing to stay and make right what has been wrong.

I am choosing to BE. in love. I am putting down my sword. I am leaving the battlefield and I am going to try peace. I am going to look for the right, good, and divine in our interactions. I am going to be in love....for my own sake. I am going to create the love and life I want. I am going to hold his hand and listen to him. I am going to respect his feelings and his heart. I am going to love this man. I am going to let him teach me...protect me.

The love story continues...


MOMSWEB said...

I love this post! It was very inspiring and as a married woman, I choose to BE in love also. Glad I dropped by!

Big Mark 243 said...

He said, "We ought to be able to bring peace to each other"

He said that for real?? Geez, then you have someONE to work with!

The idea of 'being in love' is a great way to start. People aren't 'in love' with their partners and want to blame them for failings in the relationship. One of the things that I have learned, is that it is more than not being 'Prince Charming' as much as it may be having someone help a brother to be a better cat, ya dig?

If he goes ahead and brings peace to you, then y'all stand a great chance of riding out this storm.

Luv said...

aww that is so sweet. trust yourself and step out on faith.. live without regrets