Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Indigo Trail Of My Thoughts was her blog. I thought she was the coolest in the blogosphere. She had swagger and guts and a kick-ass stance. I wanted to own some of her mojo...such courage ALL THE TIME!

She passed on Monday and I am stunned. I was just getting to know this woman who I admired and enjoyed talking to. She was a pistol and took no prisoners. I was drawn to her, I loved her posts on her dating life, sex, men, being in the ATL and maybe moving to NYC.

She called me mommie and strangely enough I liked made me feel wise. So I am selfishly missing her. I wanted more time to know her. What I got with her was indeed a grand gift.
I just wanted more time.
Gone too soon.
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LadyLee said...

This is hitting us all, hon. And it's okay to be selfish. It hurts.

Love your words, "Mommie".

MsKnowitAll said...

I was led to Indigo Trail Of My Thoughts from your blog and I read her last post. I am so sorry to hear of her passing.

May God rest her soul & may her family be comforted.

Single Mom Seeking said...

Sending you a big, warm hug. I read back through Nikki's posts -- like poetry. I kept asking, "What happened?" Such a young, vibrant woman.

Do you know which autoimmune illness she had?

I'm so sorry. I hope you have folks holding you now.

Amy in Ohio said...

What happened?

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Well if you are selfish then I am selfish and just plain greedy!

Those are some truly beautiful words because they express exactly what I am feeling too.

Dermatomyositis with lung complications is what caused her untimely passing.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Sad parting, I definitely couldn't believe it.

Moanerplicity said...

Her last post had such gravity, such power even in a time of human weakness. Her sprit was very strong. Her words telegraphed as much. Though I didn't know her personally, whenever a creative force leaves us, so young, I grieve what might have been... and what wisdom lay ahead.

May God rest her talented soul.


Moanerplicity said...

Sorry. I meant to type: Her "SPIRIT" was very strong.

Terry said...

This one hurt, this one really hurt.


I didn't know Nikki, but after reading every one of her postings, I'm so glad that her words - like her spirit - will live forever!

The Brown Blogger said...

I drove in from Las Vegas to attend her memorial and the vibe I usually feel being in Atlanta is more than a way bit off because she isn't here, so none of of that us hanging out stuff...

I am encouraged by the love and laughter shared by family and friends at her homegoing yesterday and by all of the blog tributes and great comments left all over the blogosphere during this past week.

I thank you all for that and yes... Her blog will still be there for us to go back and see the power she had to amaze, connect, inspire and teach.

I wish those that didn't know her personally could have...

Nikki's presence is definitely missed.

Luv said...

OMG!! as you can see this...i am reading this very very late.. i saw the pic and i was like that looks like Nikki.. and then i read your thing and i was like wtw?!? what happened..

i befriended Nikki via blogspot about 5 years ago.. back before you could follow... i wonder if Chubby knows.. or monkey..

I was just about to shoot her an email and ask her what's up with fantasy football becuz i didn't get my evite to i know why..

her stories were great..her life very bold.. and she will be miss