Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It costs something whether you stay or walk away. It hurts all the same no matter what you do. So perhaps what to do is to press on. Maybe just up ahead the way becomes smoother. You won't know until you press on...keep it moving. Love does not hurt. What hurts are the decisions we make in love, that have nothing to do with love at all. It has everything to do with personal baggage and clouded thinking and yes fear.

Love only requires that you be ready and open to receive it. Love waits on welcome not on time....A Course in Miracles. Love does not desert us...we desert love. Love itself is not hard. What is hard is relinquishing your control of whatever you think you might have. It is about self preservation. Who the hell wants to be hurt? But here's the thing, if you don't invest in love then life itself is meaningless.

Investing in love requires a commitment to stay in it. Stay connected, to tear down all your barriers and safety nets. It requires you to reach for each other in nakedness of thought, soul and being. You have to suspend doubt. You have to forgive everyday, every hour, every minute. We are human and we choose badly all the time. We run away, we fuck up, we trip, we fall, we get back up. Love never dies. Love never ends. Love says I wait for you to invite me in.

Love has arrived and I am inviting it in. It is more than I could have dreamed up and yet not enough. I have to be in love for its sake and do what love requires...welcome it. Invest in it fully. This is new ground for me. There are no maps. What I knew of love before does not apply here in these moments. I am a new woman in love. I am brave and afraid all at once. I am happy and apprehensive. It is my path. I am growing. I am challenging hard earned beliefs and whatever happens I will be renewed.

I am answering the questions: Who are you? and what do you want?

The LOVE STORY continues...



Solomon said...

What a wonderful path to be on. I've decided to join you on this journey called love. I'm excited to see what I find as I travel this new road.

Lovebabz said...

Hello Solomon,
It is a wonderful path...one that is not rooted in a person as the object of one's affection, but real love for my ownself and the world.

MsKnowitAll said...

Sister Lovebabz,

I feel you on your Love Story journey. Forgiveness is key, crucial to any relationship... those we have with others and those we have with ourselves.

I read what you write and at times we're singing the same song, in tune. Just the other day "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends." came to me.

This is it! Giving into what gives back! And love always has a 100% return.