Friday, August 14, 2009


There seems to be this backlash against emotional attachments. That somehow being "emotional" has become a negative characteristic. That one should not take anything "personal" I love you , but I am not in love with you, has become a common mantra for the discontented and fearful. I am always taken aback when folks chop up their feelings about love and being in love. They believe that by burying, ignoring and turning off emotional connection that somehow that is some higher way of thinking. That to have emotions denotes a kind of weakness. They strive to live and be beyond the emotional and the personal. I get some of that. I do. But for me there has to be some emotional dexterity.

To love in harmony with your emotional, spiritual and physical self requires embracing the emotional. Why would you be so disconnected from your emotional self as if it would guide you in the wrong direction? I mean if you are enlightened or seeking enlightenment then I would think your emotions would support clarity. I am not making an excuse to be emotionally off the chain. Nor am I suggesting that we give into our emotions without other reasoning skills that aid in our decision making processes. Yes, some of us are more in control of our emotions than others. I think I hoover somewhere in the middle depending on the challenge. I will cry over the smallest things and I can also stand in the midst of great trauma...unflinching.

I am one for great emotions. My emotions have served me well. I do not think that my judgement is clouded by my least not all the time. Nor do I think that if I make a decision based on my emotions that it will be the wrong one. I am a mix of emotion, intellect, feeling, and intuition. I am tactile. I love the physical feel of things...people...places. I am rooted in emotion. I listen to my gut. I heed the call of angels. I am open to the whisper of God.

Love for me is saying it and doing it all at once. It is active and open. It's saying to the world I love this person, this place, this life. God was not and is not quiet about his love of people and earth. We get it wrong when we say stop being emotional. We lose out and we miss out on the finer joys and pleasures of right now. I am not trying to fore go living in preparation for heaven. Heaven is in all of us. We have to create it and nurture it. It is the emotional dexterity of our inner selves that will get us there.

The questions come back around.... who are you? and what do you want?


Rich Fitzgerald said...

Just understand that your position works perfectly for the feminine state of mind, but it may not be shared by the masculine.

Can true love agree to disagree?

Lovebabz said...

Ahhh Fitzgerald...

Will have to give that masculine side some thought :) Thanks for raising the thought :)

Yes indeed true love can agree to disagree!