Tuesday, August 18, 2009


At some point all your self analysis and personal development has to be played out in real life. You have to begin to live all the things you want. If love is what you say you want then you have to be that love and live it! All the things we desire in our hearts have to be lived. We have to move from imagination and dreams to real life.

I had decided that Mr. Love was not the man for me. I decided this because I was being a self-righteous brat and a coward. I wanted to have my way. Well I can't have my way when it involves someone else. There has to be give and take...harmony. Fortunately for me, Mr. Love did not put any stock into my declaration of him not being "The One" especially since my 1985-88 journals proclaim him to be "The One" (yes we had a great time rereading all the journal entries pertaining to him).

He has a great deal of courage and foresight about how he wants to live. I admire that a great deal. A man who charts his own course. A man who has a clear vision of how he needs to live on a day-to-day basis. I want to live this vision for myself. I want to live love this way. It is amazing how what I needed has come. The key for me is to pay attention to what is and not what is or is not said between us.

We have to go from discernment to action. At some point we must put away the books of inspiration and go about the business of living love.

The Love Story contines....


Her Side said...

I decided this because I was being a self-righteous brat and a coward.

Some people can only find their voice in writing the sunny side and hiding some of their own (not so sunny) realities.

In one swoop of your "pen," you taught us something else about love, noted your own weakness at a point in time, recovered, and continued on the journey to living love.

I so heart you, Lovebabz.

Insatiable One said...

Not everyone is capable to taking a hard look at themselves and accepting their shortcomings. You did not; you were willing to compromise but you did not settle. That there speaks volumes. Your divine love is near. This all part of the preparation.