Monday, August 24, 2009


When you are in a place of constant struggle with anything or anyone, for me it simply means let go. What I am struggling with is not for me. When things are received or sought with ease, I realize they are meant for me. I am not suggesting hard work doesn't pay off. Or that we shouldn't work hard for the things we want and need. But struggling or to struggle with is not divine.

I am struggling with someone I love dearly. It is energy draining. I am struggling with someone Else's issues on how to live in the world. I am still solid and committed to to the way in which I want to love and be open and living with a full heart. What I am not interested in, is a thought process that hasn't garnered any success for the person claiming to have a different way of thinking. If that thinking is so radically different and closer connected to GOD? Then why are you struggling in so many areas in your life? I am not making a judgement, just asking the obvious questions. How has that thinking brought you peace and happiness? If you hold onto a thinking that is isolating and it isolates you from the very things you say you want then perhaps a new thinking direction needs to emerge.

There are many who believe that to retreat from the world and all its trappings is the way to go. That you can't have real harmony if you are in the world. They believe to end struggle and conflict is to be in community with like minded folks only. I am so not with that thinking. The world for me is wondrous and a beautiful place. If there is to be harmony and peace and love and joy it begins in my mind. It begins with me. I have to want those things inspite of noise in the world.

I do not welcome struggle. I am not interested in a myopic world view. I am not interested in anyone clipping my wings and saying don't fly too high. I am not interested in someone telling me know thy place. I am not interested in defined roles and conformity.

Struggling is not divine. I am letting go. I have to answer the questions: WHO ARE YOU? AND WHAT DO YOU WANT? When I pose these simple questions, the thing I am struggling with clearly is an obstacle and barrier to the life that I want, and to that end I have to stand in my truth and release the struggle.


Jeremy Candy said...

Respect, Communication, submission to truth; what are the ingredients to harmony? Who are we to judge? I don't people should be sooo quick to qive up. How does one give up on someone they love? Did we really love at all or was it a one sided fantasy? We all live in a REAL world. How we bring that world to life is our charge. We are all interdependent upon each other. How does one love someone, yet not consider them. Who decides what is divine? I thought it was already decided by the AUTHOR>>>>GOD! Talk to your love not at him or her. I thought that a relationship was the understanding between TWO people. If the understanding is between One person......then that person MUST stand alone because it appears they don't really want to let someone in. Why cant we all get along. Because we bright humans have forgotten the reason and our responsibility as it relates to each other...."treat people the way you want to be treated". Peace

Danie said...

Wow…you said a mouthful with this one here and once again give me much food for thought. I am struggling right now and it’s funny because in my heart I know it’s time to let some stuff go…I know the truth…I just have to start living it. Sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Lovebabz said...

Jeremy Candy,

I think you are right in some respects. However for me struggle takes me away from the things I say I want for myself. It saps the energy out of life and creates an atmosphere of dread.

Relationships are indeed between two people...and each must have a willingness to move forward in the spirit of commitment.

Relationships require constant tweeking and nurturing. Always trying to be right is foolish. Treating someone how you want to be treated is paramount to being a human being. It is the grandest kindness.

We are all divine. Divine means we are in the image of the one that has no beginning and no end. To be divine is to be open to the richness and lushness of GOD's good will and grace.

Thank you for thaking the itme to visit and share. You are welcome anytime to ponder and discern this blog.

Lovebabz said...

Hi Danie,

I am glad this post give you something to think about as you discern what is going on in your life. We have so many tools to tell us how to more forward...our hearts are one of them!

lyfesimplified said...

Struggling sucks....

I was struggling mentally back home. Finanical, relationships, my living situation, I hated my job...I'd recently lost my dad and missed him dearly...

One day I went into work and decided I was tired. I put in a two weeks noticed and hopped flight to CA. Even though I am still UNEMPLOYED I'm were I need to be peace!



MsKnowitAll said...

Sister Lovebabz,

I too believe that struggling is not divine. There should be an ease when it comes to loving.

However I don't think you should let go... I think that you are equipped to be the peace you long for in your relationship. And at the same time if your relationship is zapping your energy, then I think you should retreat... give to things, people, places, etc. that give back.

Peace & light...

Lovebabz said...

Hello lifesymplified!

Struggle does indeed SUCK! I am not running. I am giving up on struggling. I am glad to hear you are well and at peace! The price of freedom is high...stay true to YOU!

I am not letting go of "HIM" I am letting go of struggling with him. and you are right a retreat does wonders for the heart and mind and soul.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Dearest Lovebabz,

The one thing I have learned in this journey called life is that everyone will struggle. It is meant to make us look around and refine ourselves.

How we deal with struggle is our choice. Not everything in life is easy, sometimes we must simply agree to dissagree with our loved ones. We will not always see eye to eye or agree on the choices our loved ones make.

Use this struggle to learn more about that person, because right now is when you will be exposed to the good, bad and the ugly.


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...
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