Sunday, August 30, 2009


It has been an amazing summer. I fell in love with someone I've always loved. So much passion and fire and tenderness and laughter and happiness. This was and is my summer of HAPPY! He came in and reminded me how sweet love can be. We are not slated for eternity but we will love each other forever. He has his path and I have mine and in these lovely moments we crossed, connected and loved sweetly and passionately. Now we are moving along and apart.

I am thinking about myself differently these days. I've had a taste of what a loveship could be and I want that for myself. I need that for myself. To be loved by a good man is divine. I want to be wanted and needed and adored and cared for. I want to be considered above all others. I want to be waited for. I always knew I had a great capacity for love. I can feel the energy of love surging through my veins. Yes I have lots of layers and walls and barriers, but for the right man...the divine right man, there lies an oasis...strong, true, faithful and abiding love. I cast my pearls before enough swine...God knows I have! This summer has given me a chance to see myself in Love's mirror and I liked it. I loved the touching of someone close, I loved waking up with someone dear to me. I loved holding hands while we slept. I never had that kind of connection with anyone. I want that. I've seen the beauty in it and I want that.

So here I am contemplating my dating life. A life that did not not seem possible before this summer. But now I am ready. REALLY READY to step out and be some one's love. This Stella definitely got her groove back! I am not skiddish about sex with someone or being seen naked, my passion as a woman is not only intact but bubbling over. I have rediscovered my sensual self. I owe this reconnection to this summer. My smile is brighter and wider, my heart is joyful and I happily step into Love's light. I know that the man for me is on his way. This summer has returned to me the gift of passion and intimacy. I have spread my wings and soared!

Down separate paths we go to find our heart's desires...

And just like that... POOF! Goodbye.

The Love Story comes to an end.


CapCity said...

THAT love story may have come 2 an end - but love lives on inside u & us! THANX 4 sharing your LOVELY, loving stories w/ us;-)

Hugz&MUCH luv2yaAlwayz!!

Insatiable One said...

I hate that it ended but look at where it put you? Do you realize how much you've grown? How much hope and freedom loving has brought you? Isn't it fantastic? I can only pray that one day I find a love divine. Thank you for sharing your story and giving us other "Stellas" the courage to keep putting ourselves out there.

Mizrepresent said...

WHat a lovely story Sis...and you will have that wonderful connection. I so understand what you have been through and like you...i am so looking forward to that eternal connection that awaits.

Lovebabz said...

Indeed! and thank you for reading along and praying for me all the way!

Insatiable One
I am happy. I got to come out of myself in way that I thought was lost to silly? I do beleive now more than ever that I was meant to be loved! And so do you my dear Sister!

You know we will keep at it until we are with our divine partners! I am a believer and I know yo are too. I am not discouraged or sad or unhappy. I am thrilled that I want to love and will remain open to love as long as I live!

Luv said...

it sounds like it was wonderful love that will definitely color the rest of your life. the memories will definitely put smiles on your face for times to come

Go B. said...

I had to read the other comments to make sure I was reading that correctly... Poof! Goodbye?..that felt like you slammed the door in my face at the end OUCH! Okay...I don't know what to say...Sorry but congratulations you were able to experience such love..I'm sure there is more to come!


MsKnowitAll said...

Sister Lovebabz, I have enjoyed your love story... I have enjoyed the romantic beginning, the troublesome middle & the elegant ending... but does love really end? You & I know love continues on.

May your love exude and draw all that's good & perfect into your life.

Lovebabz said...

It is a lovely love story that continues...

Go B.
Hello Sister!
Ther is more to the story...a great deal more.

That is the thing about love it never ends. People come and go but love never dies. This story ain't continues on...