Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I really don't like to believe that relationships are hard. I rather like to believe that with love and a willing spirit any obstacle can be overcome. It is not relationships that are hard, it is our own mess that make relationships hard. I am not suggesting folks stay in mess and try to love through it. I am talking about that internal voice that whispers this is not what you want.

What is in front of me is lovely but it is not without its challenges. I have my deal breakers that are absolutes. But what about the little petty things? Those little annoyances that make a seemingly grand picture flawed. Maybe I am too much for perfection and not enough for reality. And God knows looking at my life's choices one would not think perfection.

We are all flawed. Does the greater qualities cancel out the lesser ones? Do I over look, or better still do I make room for the things that are not smooth. Love asks only that we welcome it. It doesn't say pick apart the vessel in which love shows up to get to the parts that are divine. All love is divine including the vessel.

The Love Story continues....


Solomon said...

Amen, my life is full of challenges.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Tha little voice is there for a reason and you know your absolute deal breakers. The problem often comes when we ignore them.

Love does not mean trying to change anyone but loving them for who they are at that moment and who they will evolve to be. Love is a journey in itself!


Mizrepresent said...

Oh you are so right Lovebabz. I thought about this as i was making a decision to see a man that was 3 inches shorter than me...although our spirits are in sync...and he makes me laugh, makes me happy, here i was suffering over those 3 inches. I am now clearer on my goal to let love find me... and that includes letting go of some of my presupposed notions of who my man is or will be. You are right the the love story continues...an i know ours/yours and mine will end in glory.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

choose your battles, love is hard enough all on its own.