Thursday, October 16, 2008


activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training: A daily stint at the typewriter (computer, notebook, digital recorder) is excellent discipline for a writer.

I have big dreams and lofty goals. I have motivational tools in abundance. I am a student of love and loving. But what I lack for success is DISCIPLINE! So with all that said am I just talking shit if I can't make things happen in my life? Who do I think will make things happen...elves?

I am thinking about this as I look at all the projects that I am undertaking. What I am seeing is a real fear of success. The little voice whispering...Oh why bother, you can't, you will fail. It is soft and gentle. The whispering doubt requires me to listen closely to the words of negativity and I do. I can hear the faint whispers and I bend lower to hear it all. I am seeing myself do this over and over again. I have noticed how I talk myself out of shit before I even give myself a chance to explore the possibilities.

This is my defining moment. Where I am now, is setting the ground work for the next phase of my big life. What I do now will set the tone for my next commitment. To get what I want, I have to do what I have not done for a steadfast and unwavering. Disciplined in my mind and actions.

Today I am becoming disciplined. I am starting with my surroundings and then onto my mind and spirit. My hopes and wishes and dreams will NOW be louder than the doubts, fears and self-sabotage.


MzTeeJaye said...

Lovebabz, we are so in tune it's scary! But you know what? Keep your vision in front of you - literally (ever made a 'dream' board?) and figuratively and keep moving! Don't even entertain those whispers because the more time you spend listening to that ish, the less time you spend soaring. You may have to take it one baby step at a time, we all do, but the important thing is to keep stepping!

clnmike said...

Strangle that little voice.

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, i hear you! I choke on my fear daily, and then i regurgitate that ish and start again. You can and will be the best you WANT to be, believe that!

Lovebabz said...

Why yes we are...great minds think
I do not want baby steps, I want giant steps. I want an all out sprint to my destiny...but yes I know what you mean..LOL!

LOL you are always so clear!

You seem to be the least likely fearful person I have met. With all you have accomplished with writing and publishing. WOW...even the best of the best has these moments of whispering fear and self doubt.

Angie-Nuvision said...

Babz, I needed this so much. Thank you!