Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I am a very protective mother-- I will kick ass about my kids. I had to wrestle with the idea of putting their picture on my blog. But they are so BEAUTIFUL that I just wanted folks to see what I see--that the world is such a wonderful place because of them. Today was their 1st day of school at a new school. They are so brave and confident and very much looking forward to this new adventure. That's what I love about them, they are always willing to venture into uncharted waters. They happily go forward, brave, determined and strong. Perhaps they are fearless because they were foster children each with their own stories of abuse and neglect and survival. Perhaps because they are curious about the world, or perhaps they, like me, innately know that the world is theirs for the discovery.


BottleBlonde said...

Briana, Margeaux, Khalil, and Gregory ARE beautiful! I love their names, too.

They have much more courage than I did as a child. I always rebelled against going to new schools (my parents moved us around a few times) because of my fear of the unknown.

May your children never lose their sense of adventure and courage!

P.S. Let us readers know how they liked their first day of school.

laurie said...

They really are beautiful children. And, obviously, they love each other a lot. I really love this pic. Thanks so much for posting it.

mrsnesbitt said...

Love this.
As a primary school teacher these are the kids I love.......focussed, loved and able.
Keep in touch!


Jay said...

It is really lovely seeing them smiling together like that. I can see how well you raised them through thier smiles.

Take care.