Thursday, September 27, 2007

I’m Heeere!

When my sister Babz asked me to fill in her absence, I hesitated. “Babz, I can’t commit to that, I don’t have enough time in my day.” I replied. How could I possibly find time to write about my thoughts on something without distraction – daily!?!! While I do spend considerable time using my computer and searching the internet, it's usually conducting research for work (or home remodeling projects). I have two new contracts which require my immediate attention, both my boys have been battling colds for the past two weeks and I need to finish reconstructing my fireplace. (sigh) Then I realized we find the time for the things that matter to us.

I make time for pro-football EVERY year. So much so that family and friends know NOT to call between 1-6 PM on Sundays in September through December (and sometimes Sunday nights!). When I gave birth to my first son on a Thursday night in November, I told my doctor and the attending nurses that I needed to he home by Sunday 1PM – I was.

So, this is important to Babz - which makes it important to me. I've promised to make time to maintain the vehicle that has provided her a source of strength and reflection. I will do my best to maintain the standard she has set and will communicate as frequently as possible, with the promise of at least three times a week. Check me next week.


Lovebabz said...

Thanks Lo, you are AMAZING and you are going to do a great job! I love you...always! Feel free to post pictures of all your home improvement projects.

Ms. Betty said...

Hey "Lo", it's been a long time. Thank you for looking out for your sister. I know that you played a huge part in the outcome of this ordeal. I can't wait to read your posts.

BottleBlonde said...

Welcome, Sister Lo! Lovebabz speaks very highly of you, and I'm excited to read your work!

Pro-football fan, INDEED. I don't know any chick who loves football so much that she plans birth around it. Though I do know PLENTY of chicks who'd plan their baby's birth around American Idol. So keep on keepin' on! ;-)

dali said...

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