Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The 1st day of school went very well. Everyone had a fab day...OK everyone except Margeaux--she had a bit of a melt down. Now here is some background on her, she is 5 years old and was skipped a grade to 1st grade, so she is the youngest in the class. I spoke with the teacher and she said Margeaux did a good job of turning her attitude around and getting herself together. Margeaux is high maintenance--she likes and needs a lot of attention. She is going to be my biggest worry when I go off to prison for 30 days. The other three will be fine. Khalil is so happy to go to school because his goal is to learn to read. He is the last one that doesn't know how to read, so he is anxious and gung ho. Briana and Gregory are going to do very well. They each like the excitement of new things. They are amazing kids, and I do my best to keep them focused. I am firm and I am creative with them. They have chores and responsibilities, they have set bedtimes that are age appropriate--I do not have the problem of dragging children out of bed in the morning, nor do I have the problem of pleading with them to go to bed. I am old school , so I do not allow for back-talking, stomping, pouting. They are not allowed to sit in on adult conversations. I limit their television viewing and there is no TV on during dinner, we all eat together. They are well behaved, well mannered children and I am so proud of them and I love them so. I am amazed everyday that I am their mother. I can't imagine what my life would be like without them. Don't get me wrong, they drive me up the wall on occasion, and that is OK too. This is going to be a great year for them we just have to get through the early bumps...and we will together.


Chris said...

I was moved ahead a grade (Kindergarden to Grade 2). My parents just told me how proud they were of me (as I know you do) and how clever I was to be with the big kids. It worked. I turned out okay. Except for a slight ego problem.

I love your blog. I wish you joy, strength and love in the coming days/weeks/however long it takes.

Jenny said...

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BottleBlonde said...

Sounds like you are raising them to be wonderful people. And I'm happy to hear that your daughter's meltdown subsided.