Thursday, September 27, 2007



My Sister Lo will guest blog for me while I am contemplating my being in federal prison. My Best Friend Ron, declined and not because he didn't want to. He is technologically challenged. No really, it would take him 30 days to figure out how to get on, post and check other sites. I knew this would be the case when I asked him so I wasn't hoping against hope. I am so happy that my Sister Lo is going to blog--I know she will love it. She has let me know that she can't do it everyday, but she could commit to twice a week--but I think she will do more---I am hoping.
She will talk about whatever she likes, I will write to her and if she wants she can update my blog with my notes from prison. My Sister is very opinionated and will have lots to say on many things. So check her out--I will see if I can get her to post something today or at the very least before I self-surrender on Monday. Her profile is up so feel free to check her out.


M said...

Lately, I've been silently admiring your journey, your positive attitude and outlook. I do hope that Lo updates the blog with some notes from your letters.
All the best,

Lovebabz said...

Hey M,
Thanks. I appreciate your taking the time to read about my days, experiences and wishes. I do believe Lo will update the blog.

BottleBlonde said...

Lovebabz, I AM GOING TO MISS YOU. I know Monday is 'the day', and you (and those beautiful children of yours) are most definitely in my prayers. I will be thinking of you quite a bit during your time away.

As you know: LET GO AND LET GOD.

Lovebabz said...

Thanks Bottleblonde,

Your prayers and kind words will carry me through.