Monday, May 9, 2011


My mind is a powerful thing.  I mean I can imagine a life for myself that blows me away!  I create my own reality. I am focused.  And though it may seem like a slow burn to those who are not me, I am clear about what I am doing.  Oh, now I wasn't always clear.  I've let the choir of "They & Them" sing me to doubt, uncertainty and fear.

I cannot allow the choir of "They & Them" craft the blueprint for my life.  My opinions, desires, dreams, are sacred.  I must treat my thoughts and actions as sacred.  I must surround myself with folks who deem me and my passions as sacred. Folks who hold my dreams as sacred as their own.  That is the real foundation for love... holding me and my spirit in sacredness.  And I gotta do that for me first.  You can't give what you don't have. So I gotta have something in that sacred space of my life to cultivate and share.

I press on seeking truth in my life.  Seeking truth in my desires.  Seeking truth in the things I value and love.  I am always asking  "Who Am I and What Do I want?

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