Thursday, May 5, 2011


Love is a courageous thing.   Seeing possibilities in all things is optimism at its best.  To lay down your sword and remove your armor is a real act of liberation.  I have to let love in and let love out.  Fear takes on so many forms that we are easily seduced by what we think we see and believe.  Love casts out doubt.  Love allows for bravery.

Love is not unique to lovers or children or things and objects.  Love is not committed to theory and thoughts.  Love is action... the every day doing of kindness and generosity to myself and to the world around me.  Love starts within.  LOVE STARTS WITH ME SAYING I LOVE ME! by deeds and actions.  Love can't be pulled out when things are going well and I am celebrating.

I hold fast to love as it settles all around me.  Even when I am in deep despair and heartache.  Love prevails.  I only have to look upwards and allow the love around me to comfort me, and carry me to peace. You have to be willing to allow love to do that.  That is where the courage comes willingness to allow love to be.

I AM more in love today than ever.  The love that I bask in comes from within.  One of God's gift to me.


Big Mark 243 said...

I am glad for you to have had this epiphany. Continue to bask in the glow of this feeling and let its light shine over you and your life eternal...

Lovebabz said...

Thanks Big Mark 243!