Monday, May 16, 2011


You get more than one chance at the majority of things in life.  Three strikes only pertains to baseball.  You get as many chances as you are willing to take!  That is the beauty of living.  You are not limited except by your own design.  No one gets to limit what you attempt to do.  No one has the right to kill your dreams, stomp on your wishes or block your blessings.  Not even YOU! 

I have long since rooted out the negative forces in my life so I don't have negative folks...frenemies (friends who are enemies) whispering their poison of DON'T CAN'T SHOULDN'T.  However, the world still goes round and those messages are still shouted and I can still hear them.  It takes a great deal of will to push back the world and its influence. 

So I am back at looking at my goals, wishes and dreams.  I am looking at where I need to act right now to get the results I want.  The results I want to see are multi-fold.  I want to see them, but I want the journey to achieve them to be loving, fun and positive.  If I hate doing it every minute of the day then that can't be a good goal to begin with.  So what am I saying?

My attitude has to be in harmony with my actions.  I mean I gotta be more than willing to push myself.  I gotta go the extra miles.  Out of contemplation mode...into ACTION mode!

ACTION ACTION ACTION! That has to be my mantra as I push myself toward my goals.  This is on me and I am ready. Doesn't matter what I started and stopped before.  Doesn't matter what the failure rate was last time.  There is only ahead and I am moving in that direction.

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Big Mark 243 said...

Well said!

My word verification is 'hypershe'... and I find it appropriate ..!