Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Maybe the thing to do when you're at a crossroads is to stay right where you are.  Bloom, thrive, grow, blossom right where you are.  Maybe the choices ahead are not choices you need to make.  Maybe the universe is saying where you are is where you ought to be.  Until 5:00am this morning I believed that moving forward meant moving up or down the road.  I believed that to move forward meant I had to physically move.  When I realized that moving forward isn't about geography, but rather inner peace, commitment, discipline and willingness to clear my mind, I was totally blown away.

When Dorothy came to a crossroad, she asks "which way Toto?"  but in the end you realize she always had the power to go home.  She never had to go to Oz.  But for some of us we go to Oz because we don't get the fact that we have the power....right where we are.  We think because we are at a crossroads, that the thing to do is to choose one path over another.  But I am saying no.  The choice can also be to stay.

Running from life (insert problems, pain, fear, success, etc) often masquerades as crossroads.  I have run away from things, people, places under the guise of making different choices.  But the reality was and is, is that I just couldn't deal with whatever it was causing my pain.  I could not press on, get through or move forward...or so I thought.  As I look back I realize I was just running.  Pain, fear and vulnerability will do that.  You look for another place to be where you think all the pain, fear, and vulnerability won't be. I believed if I just move somewhere else, I will be different. But I learned that everywhere I go, there I am!

Right where I am is the place to be and that moving forward is a state of mind and consciousness.  The crossroads that I periodically find myself are not simply questions of which way.  But more like where am I and how am I?  The power to move forward rests solely in my thinking.  Right here is right where I am supposed to be today.


Mizrepresent said...

I'm just gonna say AMEN!

Lovebabz said...

Thank you wordsmith Miz!