Monday, January 25, 2010


I am a woman for intuition. My feelings are part of my compass. I know and trust what I feel. I am suspect of anyone who suggests that "my feelings are not what I need to trust". That I must trust what is "right in a situation". That to me, is only part of using my inner compass. What is right resonates in my spirit, soul, heart and mind. I am not disconnected from my feelings. I am learning however to not take everything personal. But how can you not take things personal when someone is standing in your face saying "you don't", "your not" "why don't you" "you always seem" "Your thinking is" Isn't this personal?

So I am quieting my mind. There are decisions to make.

I am not so moved by any one's opinion of how I ought to live...not even a lover's. But I am willing to hear criticism that grows me and makes me stronger. I am capable of making decisions about my life and the lives of my children that may or may not garner approval from "them". When you go against what folks think you ought to do, then the criticism does become personal. You are not doing what someone wants you to do. I know that taking everything personally sets you up for a world of hurt. I must get better at not taking everything personally and not gloss over when I am hurt.

This requires more room for discernment and exploration of thought. I do know that my feet are planted on my path. I love this kooky life of mine and I am blessed by the cast of characters that come through it.


KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

Dearest Love,

Creative minds put words/thoughts/emotions on paper, we ponder them, we edit them, we turn words around in our heads before they are ever spoken from our lips. Loving someone does not mean they will return love in the same way.

Frustration sometimes means we need to step back from the situation, asses it, realize the true cause of friction (without the emotional connection) before we can address it.

No matter what happens dearest sister, you will come out on the other side perfectly fine.


Luv said...

what Kay C said. (smile) but realizing that you have this issue is growth in itself.

i used to take everything personally and found out that i was always in my head...always wondering...thinking...speculating..

but when i finally looked at things from a different point of view...thought about when i said things to people and whether i meant for them to be "personal" i was able to put things in perspective.

continue pushing forward and doing what you have to do...just be true to who you are and to that inner voice.

remember when it's all said and done, we have One judge

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Kay C,
Thanks for support! I will take your words to heart!

There are times when you know things are personal. There are times when things aren't personal and I must recognize. But the journey goes on.

Just Kel said...

I used to wish I could be one of those people who didn't take critism personal, but it is difficult... at times...

I realize that I needed to hear criticism in order to make key decisions in my life... or do some innerwork to find out why their words bothered me in the 1st place...

Solomon said...

I used to take everything personally. Now I just try and brush off any negative ish that is directed my way. And I don't hold onto any of it anymore. It doesn't do me any good to hold on to stuff that others have going on anymore. If I take offence and/or hold onto this stuff it only hurts me in the end.