Friday, January 22, 2010


We are all guilty of putting off things we can do today until tomorrow. Love is included in that. We believe that if we wait until... we lose weight, get a better job, travel more, that we will be better suited and ready for love. Yes, we do need to have our mental health ducks in row. But beyond that, now is as good a time as any to be in love.

I swear the more I discern being in love, the more I am learning and understanding that what we crave and want is not another person, but a deeper connection to ourselves. Being quiet and still, allows for the Spirit to answer you as you sent up prayers. Prayers allow you to speak to spirit...GOD. Prayer and meditation are the divine conversations we have with God. We speak...pray to God and then we listen...meditation, God answers.

I love the connection between myself and my lover. That is truly divine. But that connection is not the be all end all, to and for love. Romantic love is just one part of the love dynamic. When we get hold of ourselves in love we are saying we are excited about our breath, we are excited about our lives. Love is about experiencing all that joy right now. Love cannot and should not be tied to a person solely. Yes I love a man, but if he goes away, my love for my life does not go with him. I am in love right now. I am choosing to be in love with myself, so that I can more fully love those around me. Now is a good time as any to LOVE!


Solomon said...

What a great message today Lovebabz. I know I used to think that other people were what was going to make me happy. Over the last couple of years I have realized that the only one that can make me happy is me. How I view myself and the world aroud me is what really matters.

You said it perfectly "Yes I love a man/woman, but if he/she goes away, my love for my life does not go with them. I have had that experience and it taught me so much. It taught me to love myself first and then I will be able to love everyone around me. I can't love anyone if I don't first love who I am and what I am every moment of every day.

Luv said...

well said.

MsKnowitAll said...

Sister Lovebabz,

My love issues are appearing on your blog as if I was conversing with you and not my journal. The universe is wonderful because I hardly blog check on a Sunday night...

You are so right, I think we are craving a deeper connection to ourselves. The weight loss, the better job, travel or whatever else may be are to make us feel better, stronger, worthy - instead of loving and accepting ourselves as we are, sans the things we think will "improve" us.

I love this! It's so on point & speaks directly to my spirit. Thank you!