Friday, January 30, 2009


I have lived an amazing life. I have done a great many things. Big bold GRAND things. I have traveled far and wide. I have loved, been loved and continue to love!

I am a mother, was a wife, been a fabulous girlfriend and a loyal Sister-friend. This is stuff I know. My resume is impressive. Awards, locally, nationally, internationally. I know folks EVERYWHERE! I have lived in some cool cool cool places. I have lived in some dives! I have drank champagne in some the swankiest hot spots around the globe. I have tossed back beer and shots in dives...I mean real DIVES! Some of the best fun I ever had was at the bar in a dive.

I am remembering myself. It is easy to forget what you have done when trouble comes and you immediately think it will break you. Or someone says some mean shit to you and you swear you won't recover. So I am remembering myself. Remembering that I have already walked through fire and can tell you how it was. I am remembering that I am living my dream deferred...not all but a great many. I am living my DREAMS. I need to remind myself of myself.

See everyone thinks they have an opinion how you ought to be. How you should be. Oh no babe. I get to decide how I want to be. I get to decide if I am mad, happy, glad or just bored. I need NO PERMISSION. I am remembering myself today because know one knows me better than I do. No one knows my fears, limitations and weaknesses better than I. I know what makes me feel good. I know how I like to be touched, kissed, made love to and can articulate that with confidence.

I am remembering myself because it is easy to forget all the successes, the good, all the bright lights. I am so much more than my worse moments. And it is the worse moments I remember when I am in the cross way. I am remembering myself because no one can lift me up but me and the DIVINE.

I am learning that people will project their fears onto your dreams. And the well wishing is so NOT well wishing but nay saying in disguise. See I am remembering who I am.

I KNOW FOR SURE, I can only be limited by my inability to dream the biggest dream for myself.


Tiffany Nicole said...

Because it is so easy to forget the need to remember is even greater! Great I gotta take a moment to remember me.

Princess Tinybutt said...

great post sis!

Aunt Jackie said...

Nay Sayers are self fulfilling prophets of their own doom. If you really look at the life of a Nay Sayer, its NEVER something you'd want for your own.

Do your thing girl! Shine for the most high!!

MsFlyGirl said...

Those words are such motivation for me deep i needed to read that thank you

Solomon said...

Great post Lovebabz!

Terry said...

It has always amazed me how easy it is for one to loose touch with who they are. You would think it would be a hard thing to do but on the contrary, after everyone and their brother throws in their input, you start to believe the rhetoric.

Then one day you remind yourself, this is about me – me – I define me. It isn’t the place for anyone else to do so, only me.

It is those moments of clarity that helps you to know not only who you are, but who you could be.

Thanks for reminding us.

And by the way, yes, I am a long time lurker. But even lurkers learn a lesson.

Lovebabz said...

Hi Tiffany Nicole,
We can so easily let the noise of the world drown out our own voices. I just needed to remember that I have come far.

Thank you! YOu know what I am talking about for sure!

Aunt Jackie,
You are so right! And when we recognize nay sayers, we realize just that... we don't want to be like them anyway!

Yes we all have to tune out the world and trust our hearts and minds.

Thank you! :)

You are so right! It is a lesson that I have to keep learning myself. That I have avoice and that what I think about who I am is all that matters...LOL!

And thanks for lurking! :)