Monday, January 26, 2009


Let me start by saying I LOVE Oprah! There is no one better on daytime TV. She has done a great deal of good in the world. But I am sick and tired of her whining about her weight!

I am sick and tired of whining about my weight too! The time I use up on this planet worrying about weight issues...when to eat...what to to eat and knowing full well there are people starving...not a continent away...but here in my city. Really this is about perspective. This is about having TOO MUCH! I have wasted time crying and fretting and losing sleep about being round...being fat...being anything other than happy. Do I really believe I would be happier thinner? Do I really believe all my problems stem from being fat? Come on. If a man loves me...he loves this body...not some body in the future. But here's the real deal...I GOTTA LOVE ME IN THIS BODY...NOW!

Yes, having high blood pressure is a very dangerous and serious thing. But If I came at this weight loss issue from a health perspective and not a vanity perspective then this problem is managed and or eradicated. See I am really really really sick of thinking and whining and plotting and planning about dieting. So I am just going to eat less...move more that's it! Periodically I will post where I am in my progress over the next year. I am joining the likes of my new found blog sister, Leslie J. Ansley, The Daily Crouton who is tracking her weight loss for a year. She is inspiring!

So Shut Up Oprah about your weight. Deal with what's really underneath your weight gain and be happy. Damn.


Organized Noise said...

You definitely know how to get someone's attention on a Monday morning.

I'm with you. I gotta love me in this body. That's what's important.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Having an unhealthy outlook on your body image is not just about size. But I agree that Oprah needs to shut up! She has a trainer, a chef and more money at her disposal than most people can spend in a lifetime.

I digress...other people can NOT love you if you do not love you. Love you, sister! No matter the size, shape or skin tone. God don't make mistakes!

I am dedicating India.Arie's Video to you, stop by my blog later to pick it up :)

Princess Tinybutt said...

preach! right on time as usual. i was struggling with somethings as well (yes sis, ME!!), and let it all go just friday. RELEASE IT!!


CapCity said...

That's why I'm having a blast doing my Reality Show: CAP's Melting Point! Now, I really AM the actor & director of my life movie! I agree - NO MORE WHINING! LET's GET BUSY & have FUN! This reality show has been so much more fun than simply "charting what i eat, journaling about how i feel", etc:-). I get inspiration from viewers who comment - GOOO vlogging!

the prisoner's wife said...


i'm kinda over Oprah and her weight. i mean we've heard about it for like 21 years now, that's like 95% of my LIFE lmao.

but Oprah & her weight issue just shows you it's not an easy battle. it's doesn't matter HOW much money you have or what kinda help you have at your disposal. if you overeat & overwork your body you will suffer the consequences. billionaire or not. as black women, we are used to carrying a little more. personally, i don't think she looks bad, but she was mentioning health issues, so i can dig that she's trying to lose. i agree though...there is no need to obsess about it. obsessing is counter-productive & leads NO where healthy.

Jimmy said...

Obssessing never does anyone any good.

A Go Bytch said...

...girl I'm the roundest person in my own eyes but guess what... I eat what!!


flutter said...

I really am not a fan of La Oprah. But I relate to the weight and I don't want to whine about mine anymore either!

clnmike said...

The problem is when people make weight loss a stressful thing by being consumed by it.

Which usually mean that they are concerned not about their health but about their image.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Yeah, Fuck Oprah. how you doing tho lol.