Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday I said I was sick of Oprah whining about her weight. I said I was sick of whining about my weight. Dieting and diet addiction is a hard thing to break. We are bombarded by images of women who seemingly are happier because they are thinner. They are having better sex. Their kids are more well behaved. Their clothes are cleaner. All because they are thinner....WOW! So here I come armed with enough self confidence to fill a football stadium and still I buckle under the pressure to achieve thinness. Sure I say all the right things....health, energy, long life. But really it is about self image. Underneath...the naked truth.

Most times I am not affected by how I look. I still feel like I got swagger. But when I start to compare myself to (insert: Sister-Friends, Blood-Sister, Movie Stars, Rock Stars, Models and Jabba-The-Hut--Star Wars) The diet addiction kicks in. I start plotting and dreaming and imagining how much better my life will be if I lose weight.

What kills me is that I have so many interest that hold my attention that when I get stuck on stupid it drives me nuts. I know better. My worth is not tied to a size. My ability to get dates or be in love or run a business, or raise kids, has next to nothing to do with my size. Unless I am talking about the size of my heart! So I am going to continue to discern my feelings about my weight as I create and adhere to an exercise plan that lovingly makes me feel energized!
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Shai said...

I thought I was the only one tripping on Oprah complaining about her weight. Oprah is my girl yet I felt when she lost the weight she would not be able to keep up the regimen she used to get it off. Oprah is too hard on herself and I think she needs to realize that it will be a lifetime battle. It is all a process and a process has its ups and downs.

MsKnowitAll said...

You know, the thing about weight and size really has a lot to do with control, self-control for that matter.

Though Oprah really goes on and on about her weight, I understand her plight, having lost over 60 pounds and gaining it back - I was and still am a little peeved about letting myself go.

My weight isn't really the issue and I'm sure Oprah knows this as well. My weight began to creep up when I put other people and other issues before my own. When I became my last priority and when I seemingly loved myself less and less.

Being thinner certainly does not equal being happier. Happiness begins within and spreads throughout.

I'm putting a reminder on my desk right now to check into LoveTalk later!

Sista GP said...

Looking forward to a great show!

Aunt Jackie said...

I am not a huge Oprah fan, however if I had to be filmed every day and look at the camera add ten more pounds on me...i would probably be whining too.

I mean we as women know that our self image is important. She's not a rail thin woman complaining about nothing...she's over weight and not pleased about it.

Jimmy said...

I hear you on this one Lovebabz

Lovebabz said...

Hi Shai!
Yes it is a process. I just don't want it to become my occupation...LOL!

You are right...it is about putting ourselves FIRST or atleast at the top of pur many lists! That is my goal.

Thanks for hanking in!

Aunt Jackie,
Yes youa re right. I am just wondering when do we allow ourselves a pass..some grace.

Hi Jimmy,
I need to not let weight take over my mind and thoughts...they way that it has...LOL!
Thanks for reading!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

when have u been stuck on stupid?

Lovebabz said...

OH my dearest Torrance,
Way too many times to say...LOL!

Danie said...

AMEN! Girl...i got so obsessed with losing baby weight I even tried that dang lemonade diet and almost passed out from craving real food...it's about loving who we are now...the rest will come in due season!