Friday, January 16, 2009


The fine men Of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. motto Friendship Is Essential To The Soul.

From the moment I heard those words I know immediately what that meant. Those close to me know that I profoundly value friendship. My friendships are the roots from which I grow and thrive. I would be nothing or nowhere without the folks who's very existence make my existence matter.

Yes, I know folks who believe a true friend would lay down their life for you. Or would take a bullet, or some other extreme measure to show they love you. But I say the real measure of friendship is in living for me. Friendship is about vibrancy and love and connectedness. It is standing with me even when it rains. It is calling when there is no real reason to call other than to say hello. It is anticipating the need before I even know the need is there.

Friendship is not about measuring the depth of love. It is for me, about the ordinary. The mundane. The sublime. It is the romance of the simpleness of the day. It is I am thinking of you and letting my actions speak. It is extending myself on your behalf without judgement. It is you extending yourself to me without judgement. Truly.

Friendship is intimate. It takes guts and courage to be a real friend. To love. To put aside your personal limitations and stand in the gap when needed.

I celebrate my friends with gifts of kindness and presents and good will. I speak lovingly to my friends and hold them near to my heart. I think only good thoughts for them and when they hurt I hurt. When they are joyous I raise my voice joyfully. When they are in prayer...I too, go to my knees with them. I stand in solidarity for their righteous causes. I ask them to bear witness to my living.

No, dying, for me is not a true measure of love. Living and loving and loving and living is all that is necessary.

In my heart of hearts I only want the best for my friends as I do for all the earth. My circle may be small and we all have our trials and tribulations and somehow we manage to hold up the world. We celebrate each other as best we can and when we greet one another it is with songs in our hearts and smiles on our lips.

My friends accept me. They know me. They love me all the same. That is divine.


Sista GP said...

Now I see why my friends circle is so small. there are only a few that I will give my all without hesitation.

Jimmy said...

This post is very inspirational.

I only have a couple of true friends, but like you said Lovebabz:

"My friends accept me. They know me. They love me all the same."

And yes, that is divine!

I don't always agree with the decisions my friends make, but I still love them all the same. Nobody can decide for another what is best for them.

For what would this world be like without at least one true friend?

I don't even want to imagine.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well said folk

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I agree with you on the fine men of Omega Psi Phi whew...had a flashback from college ;)

Beautiful post, I was almost in tears as I remember my small circle of fam. They would all agree on every point you made.

Time has made them my family and I appreciate each of them...and I appreciate you as well!!!

MsKnowitAll said...

Wow, I think the friendship vibe is in the air because I certainly was going to post a friendship post today... I have another post in mind so I think maybe I'll wait awhile ...

I think true friendships are small circles. Big friendship circles contain a lot of crap, chitchat and cattiness. The smaller, the more intimate, more personal, stronger, complete.

Craigjc said...

People don't realize how important friendship is. Thanks for this.

Check me out sometime.

Angie-Nuvision said...

Beautiful! Thanks...

the prisoner's wife said...

i have a small circle as well, but we will ride for each other.

when it all falls apart, true friends are those you can count on.

Moanerplicity said...

I think so many take the word 'friend' for granted and other u the word too freely. This was a very enlightening post. If one has one, two or three REAL supportive, ride or die, tell-you-the-truth-the-whole-truth-nothing-but-the-TRUTH-even-if-you-don't-wanna-hear-it Friend... they they are Blessed.


p.s. i don't mind at all. & yes, you GOT the intent of my poem's gist.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

This was an absolutely brilliant observation and post.

Princess Tinybutt said...

hmf. needed this. thanks babz.

Mista Jaycee said...

I got a few good friends that's what being blessed is.

TRUTHZ said...

i agree friendship must be on everyone's mind this month..
people don't understand that if you don't have any friends how much that says about the person you are.

you have to be a friend to have a friend