Sunday, July 13, 2008


I can feel myself changing. I can feel myself shedding old wounds and old haunts. I can even feel myself outgrowing some blog friends. I am convinced that moving forward is an act of mental house cleaning. Some things you keep, but a lot of things you have to put away, toss out, de-clutter. I am feeling just this way. What I needed last year this time, I no longer need in this moment. What I needed 6 months ago, I no longer need in this moment. My desires have changed. What I need now is much more refined and focused.

You gather up the tools you need for the journey ahead and with each milestone you re-evaluate what is needed to continue on. What you need is always available, just sometimes you get stuck and you don't trust your own power and faith. I have had those moments. But I always manage to get a grip and get back on my trusty steed. I have learned that everyone gets knocked down, its the getting up that defines your fighting spirit.

There is in me a fearlessness. I am living an extraordinary life. One with God's care and concern.


CapCity said...

u been writing some serious sermons here lately, Sis! ;-)

LadyLee said...

She sure has, hasn't she Cap?

Well said, Lovebabz. I'm learning that the more I assess and reevaluate my self and my choices, the further I advance. I have to just get better at getting over the fear of making the necessary changes, i.e., take immediate action instead of lolly-gagging! I'm getting better and better at that with each passing day.

Everything's availble. Resources abound. We just gotta be open to that.

Thanks for the Sunday morning devotional. I am now ready to take on my day!

Mizrepresent said...

Happy Travels is important as we redefine ourselves, as we take that walk, there is the possibility that there are gonna be some people, and a whole lot things we have to leave behind.

nikki said...

this entry is so timely for me. i'm in the process of moving today and i've been de-cluttering as i go along. i don't want any baggage from the previous chapter in my life.

i hope you come out more refined and defined. i know i will.:)

Anali said...

It's so true that we need to keep re-focusing and figuring out our next steps. I guess life is just a process and we never figure it all out. Once we figure out one thing, it's on to the next. I really wish I were going to Blogher and could meet you!

Rex Venom said...

Live and Live well!
Rock on!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

what u listening too

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sister Capcity,

I am getting back to why I started this blog...discernment. Discernment of my life, my love.

Sister Ladylee,
The key is staying open to the all the possibilities for a grand life...right now.

I have come to realize more now than ever before that some things...people mostly, are not supposed to stay forever and a day.

Hi Nikki,
Housecleaning whether physical and mental is a good thing!

There is going ot be a Blogher in Boston in October perhaps we can share a fab meal and wine together and chat!

Rex Venom,
YES, YES, YES! Live and Live well!
is the plan!

Hey Torrance,
I am listening to Tom Scott, "Holding Back the Years" Hiroshama, "Another Place" comtemporary jazz...

KELSO'S NUTS said...

NUTMEG: I think I have to be one of the bloggers you've outgrown. A friend says that if Dick Clark weren't still alive and if I wasn't living in South America, I'd be America's Oldest Teenager.

No jazz today. I wrote a lot about professional golf on my blog and for some reason (golf leitmotif in DRUGSTORE COWBOY?) embedded youtube of "The Israelites" by Desmond Dekker.

Lovebabz said...


Sorry babe...have NOT outgrown you...I am just beginning to grow into YOU. You know we linked you over at the pchats!

I will have to check your professional golf post...LOL! I know nothing I mean nothing about golf...LOL! So I am coming to learn something!

Every Sunday it's JAZZ. Today all contemporary...Hiroshama, Lizz Wright, Tom Scott.

Aunt Jackie said...

First of all I just realized that I'm missing the Blogher dates by miliseconds...I leave on San Francisco on July 18!!

Darnit what I'd do to chill and have a glass of wine with you.

Secondly (is that a real word) I know I haven't been reading your blog for long but damn I love your growth, your self expression and your willingness to stand firm on your own two feet and be yourself!

Blog friends sometimes do get out grown (but not Kelso it's just that Kelso's site crashes my firefox for some reason) but growth in all ways in good..

That's what the Rev was talking about this morning..Let go, and Grow!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Speak sistah Speak....If we never took time to de-clutter...the chaos of the world...would surely take us under.....Clean house my sistah......clean house!

Lovebabz said...

We are destined to meet! I am not worried about that!

I appreciate your kind words. I started this blog to dig myself up and out of despair. I was literally sitting there with gun in lap thinking of all the reason I should leave this earth.

Then like magic I started blogging, it just called out to me. Blogging coupled with "True Love" friends who stayed on their knees along side me every day...even now.

Kelso and Torrance are my intellectual touch stones...they make being well read sexy!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

AJ: I'll mention that to our tech wizards. I think, sadly, that our site is best viewed by IE. We tend to orient ourselves towards innovators and upstarts and like any sort of open-source application. Just as in the way we'll give away free opinions and techniques. I'll see if I can't make if accessible to Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape users.

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sister Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs!

Yes, it was time to start tossing things and people out of my life!

You are so right about the chaos of the world.

Monica said...

You have become my blogging muse! Write on Sis!

Making me think about stuff! I love it when that happens!

Lovebabz said...

Hello Monica,

That is kind...very kind of you to say! We are all on our personal paths...mine is just very public...LOL!

Trish said...

"Its the getting up that defines your fighting spirit."

I'm loving this quote from you! I am right there with you, getting myself up and moving on. And as you are decluttering, I am over on the other coast doing the very same thing with physical properties and the like. Just tonight I purged pictures from my files and felt peaceful about it.

Keep shedding that old baggage, and the radiant you will continue to shine! I can see it all the way over here in the west!

Stephen Bess said...

I like the sound of that. Very inspiring. It's a never ending journey. Peace~

Aunt Jackie said...

lovebabz, by the way thank you sister for posting over at blogher..I have a flight to catch or would be more involved in the discussion over there, however I will say this as a black woman raised Muslim that cover offends me to my very core...


Can't wait to meet you!

Lovebabz said...

Hey Stephen Bess!
You are right it is an on going effort!

Girl, wrong is wrong is wrong all day long! The discussion is going on over there on several post...which is good. No thanks necessary, I am doing what I am supposed to do. I will see you in a few days over a great glass of wine! said...

Hello there!

This is so true!

We have to be willing to prune in order to see our branches spread out...

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

NUTMEG: I went over to that "bloghr" thing but your comment and Aunt Jackie's were really the only one's I agreed with in the main.

I went batshit loco on the subject on my spot, so much so that the Boss is letting my words stand for the staff's. I was very crude and unkind. Be warned.

I wasn't impressed at all with the level of discourse at bloghr. I guess being a man, I'm not supposed to get the vibe of it really. But all of the blondes there were just so CREDULOUS about it. And so into the wonderful humor and satire of it all.

I'm a well-to-do White man who has had many misgivings about Barack Obama's political views (I'm far to his right on economics and far to his left on social and criminal justice policy) of lack thereof. But you don't have to burn cross in my face to show me bigotry.

I would be embarrassed to even ask any of my friends here what they thought about the cover because they'd think America was even more horrible than their nightmares. And I'm talking about well-to-do men in the business world, not political activists by any means.

I have a friend who has a column at the New Yorker, so I know exactly what's going on. None of you are wrong about this.

This is hardly the first time an editorial decision has embarrassed the staff. Nice, normal, people like my friend Jim and his editor, Henry, are going to have to hear a lot of crap over this over the next couple of weeks when they protested loudly about it.

It's a disgrace.

Lovebabz said...

Thank you for being a stand-up Guy! Thanks for the support and solidarity. I will be over to your site in a minute!

The Artist In Me said...

It feels good to be back on that trusty steed...doesn't it?

Valley experiences often teach us a lot about ourselves and others. We are sometimes there to know for sure that it is only God that can lift us up. It is truly a humbling experience.

So here is to your refining process. It doesn't always feel good, but you are sure to come out as pure gold!

Be blessed!