Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am still reeling from all the extreme traveling of the last 2 weeks. Going to San Francisco to attend BlogHer 08 was AMAZING! Being in the company of so many talented and funny and wild and wonderful women was a dream come true. I can't remember when I had such a good time. I mean the swag, the parties, the parties, the PARTIES! Hey I missed the cheeseburger party...I arrived just as security broke it up...yeah it was like that! The Macy's party was off the chain! Shoes, wine, handbags, lingerie, snacks and KY Jelly...WTF! Oh and a DJ!...IN MACY'S!
The conference itself never missed a beat, they thought of everything...I mean everything from a spa room---which almost sent me into orgasm--that head massage was the SHIT! to Sesame Street...yes Sesame Street with Grover...yes the REAL Grover!

The sessions was really good. I tried to hit as many as I could. If only my wonder woman powers worked outside of my house I could have hit 'em all! High fives to my Panel: What We Believe: Blogging as a Healing Force. Our panel was intensely emotional and moving and uplifting. I loved each and everyone one of the dynamic women who courageously shared their stories. I was supposed to bear witness and I did.

So here are a few of my favorite pics! Tomorrow I will talk about the Blogging While Brown Conference and my love affair with Atlanta!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

great pics
even better smile

Assertagirl said...

Hi Babz, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your panel, and in particular, your messages about living for today. Your strength is admirable and inspirational. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

CapCity said...

Glad u had a great time & traveled safely! u know if u leave CT there'll be no more Brown Bloggers there! LOL! ;-)

Monique said...

Sounds like it was awesome! Can't wait to hear what wonderful things you have to say about my city. Atlanta is great. I wouldn't live anyplace else (except SF, NYC or Paris).

Eb the Celeb said...

OMG...you have a love affair with atlanta... me too!

Lovebabz said...

Thank you...you are biased...LOL!

Hello and thank you! Feel free to read through the archives. I try to live a woderful life inspite of all the drama!

LOL! Atlanta was enchanting and yes indeed I could live there next week!

We have the same love of cities! I live close enough to NYC and I have spent time in SF, but Atlanta speaks to me in a big way. Paris is the city of my dreams! You should come with me in about 3 years...
I love Atlanta!

zellmer said...

I also enjoyed your panel. Yes, I consider bawling my eyes out to be a good time. Har! Anyway, I just LOVED you. Now I'm off to read your archives and become one of your new fans.

Lovebabz said...

Hi Zellmer,
Thank you for your kind words! And do feel free to read through my archives! Sister we all were crying...right! But they were tears of joy at how far we all have come! I look forward toyour comments. You are welcomed to hang out and drop in anytime!

Anita Dayam Break said...

The conference(s) sound exciting! Can't wait to hear more. I'm in the ATL area (it was hot as hell) so I'm not so much in love (today anyway). If you do decide to move - keep me posted (mommy to mommy on schools & stuff)!

Rich said...

Atlanta, Chicago -- my Good Life, Great Energy Cities. Love them both, but Atlanta has better Winters.

Glad you had a wonderful time at the two conferences.

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey MY babz! i'mg glad youre back! i mssed you before you even left. and am still missing you! i'm so glad you loved atl. i do too! it;s my second home... (hey torrance!)

get some rest my love, we'll chat soon :)

flutter said...

it was so wonderful to be with you and just bask in your glow

Lovebabz said...

Sister Anita Dayum Break,
You know most definitely I will be tapping into all my folks about who, what and where!

I swear it seemed like a good idea when I planned this out...LOL!

Hey Princess,
The bay area speaks to me...she calls my name and I swear I have to answer...every so often! I'll be back...soon!

You are an amazing young woman! I was never so pulled together at your age...you are truly a beautiful spirit.

Debba said...

Fun to meet you in San Francisco and to visit your blog. Sounds like you have a great vibe going - taking control, exploring new options, cool stuff. And, I love your blog on why you love women. BlogHer was cool. Because of women like you.

Debba / www.girlfriendology.com

Lovebabz said...

Hey Girlfriend Debba!

Sister I enjoyed you too! The conference was great! I am just getting around to all my cards...YIKES!

And I am following you on twitter too!