Friday, May 16, 2008


I have been doing a lot of thinking about my sensuality. What brings me pleasure? I started thinking seriously about this because I had a very enlightening conversation with a man--who is becoming my friend, who suggested that I should ditch my pajamas and sleep NAKED! NAKED! Now, there was a time when I would happily and easily jump between my sheets Au natural. BUT I have kids now! He then says, "so keep a robe or some pj pants near you". HHhmm. He then goes on to say "What is the point of luxurious sheets if you can't enjoy them on your skin?" He is right.

So what is my pleasure principle? Do I even have a pleasure principle?
Yes, I love high thread count Egyptian Cotton sateen sheets, Turkish bath towels, fine wines, music, beautiful flowers and the best non-dairy chocolate to be found anywhere. What does this mean? and how can I jump start my sensuality factor? I think it is and it isn't about sex solely. I mean I am not having sex at the moment. But someday I will! But in the meantime, how do I enjoy feeling my environment sensually? I don't have an answer yet. Of course, true to form this will require some discernment and further discussions.

I have a vision of the kind of woman I want to be sensually. It is of course rooted in My Grown Woman-ness. Connecting to that part of myself requires a changing of my mind and thinking sensually as I go about my days. So I am taking this on as part of my transition. Tonight I START SLEEPING NAKED! YES NAKED! NAKED NAKED NAKED!

1000 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
21. Visit the Great Wall of China
22. Learn to Play The Piano
23. Publish Memoirs
24. Learn Ballroom Dancing
25. Do Pilate's


Tony OH said...

He's baiting me! I'm the biggest blog flirt by Caps me, your friend is baiting

Lovebabz said...

OH Tony OH,
NO He is not baiting me! He is not even interested in me. It was an honest discussion about Me...gettin' my groove back!

And YES I agree with Cap, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FLIRT! in Blogland...and that makes you adorable!!! LOL!

MsKnowitAll said...

Congratulations on this branch of your transition!!!

Even if dude isn't baiting you... but if you find out later he is, I hope you let us know...

You deserve to sleep in the nude, light some candles, take that bubble bath, rub your body in oil and feel pleasured and pleased.

Get your grown woman on!

the prisoner's wife said...

hey sis...i'm just stopping by to say Hey!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

protector of the pleasure principalllll "Parliment Funkadelic sir nose devoidoffunk

Lovebabz said...

Hey Msknowitall,
I am so sleeping in the nude. And I am not paying Tony OH any mind at all! LOL!

I am so glad you stopped in to say hello. I was wondering when you would surface!

I don't care about the cold, baby
Cause when you're hot, you're too much
Cause when you're hot, you're hot
Look at what you've got!...Parliament Funkadelics--the best funk band on the planet!

CapCity said...

I HAVE to sleep au naturale to let my skin breathe! I took FULL advantage of the Wonderful MOTHER's Day RAIN in DC and walked out in my mother's yard barefoot! I LOVE walking in the rain - and since there was no lightening it was bliss!!

So, STEP out on FAITH & enjoy sensuality of LIFE, Sistah LoveBabz!!

U can even teach your children to enjoy ALL of their senses!!

Lovebabz said...

Oh Capcity,
You are a very sensual woman! I am impress and I am so late to this party! But I am here and I am staying! I love walking in the rain too...especially in the country in my barefeet!

Mizrepresent said...

I tried that, sleeping nude in my bed, but i got cold, lol...i need something warm.

Lovebabz said...

Sister MizR,

I did it! I rather liked it. I loved pulling my covers closer to me. I can't say that I would sleep in the buff in the winter...LOL!

Aunt Jackie said...

i love to sleep in the buff, although i can't and don't always, there's nothing like rolling around in my bed, alone, feeling myself, and taking that deep breath and acknowledging that I AM whole, beautiful and lovely...all by my damn self.

Get it girl!!!!

Lovebabz said...

Hello Aunt Jackie!

yes, I am feeling lovely all by my self. It is quite liberating to sleep au natural. I am not so sure I will do it evry night, but I do like it.

sista gp said...

Au natural works well on school nights when you will be up before the kids.
Weekends? silk nightie with thin straps