Friday, May 2, 2008


The phone calls started at 12:01 they did not stop until 3:00 am! It was my intent to post EARLIER! Sleep had other ideas! I am so EXCITED about my birthday! After I drop the kids off at school My whole day is FREE! I am coming home and taking a long hot bath! I will put on my silk pj's. I will listen to music, I will read, I will enjoy the stillness of the house. I know I will have a gazilllion floral deliveries coming...I LOVE cut flowers! I already know about the 45 red balloons! that will arrive today at 12 noon. This evening I will have vegan cupcakes and soy ice cream with my beautiful children...My Sister-friend JB took them shopping yesterday evening for birthday presents. I have dinner reservations with friends at my favorite Eritrean restaurant Caffe' Adulis. This is the most perfect of days!

Let the celebration with poetry, prose and love missives begin!

I remain completely overwhelmed by the responses. I can't even begin to thank folks for their kind and generous spirit! Scroll down and check them. And check the comment section too! I will post more through out today and tomorrow and the next day...

Mirror Re-Image
by Sharon Jenkins 4/22/08

At the core of you I recognized me
Significant and glorious and fully the “I”, I strive to be
Choosing love over all else especially fear
Your voice speaks the words my brain whispers in my ear.
Your smile reflects the joy of the life I’ve been gifted
Your heart plays the rhythms on which my spirit is lifted
From your words I gather nourishment again and again
So similar are parts of our journeys, I call you my Twin.
My sibling unmet, unseen, technically unheard
We’re related by blog, by hearts, and by words
Come hell or high water I know you are there
Strengthening me, steadying me, with your soul--so rare.
Geography notwithstanding we’re connected, you and I
Not born of the same parents, the laws of genetics we defy
More alike than different yet different all the same
Lovebabz you amaze me, and thus I speak your name.
I speak it when lonely, feeling lost, or afraid
I speak it when at last into night the day fades
I speak it in exclamation when so filled with happiness I nearly burst
I speak your name because you felt all of these things first.
“How can this be?”, when I’m the older I believe
Your wisdom predates your birth and from GOD it was received
You bring knowledge from the ancestors which you generously share
Teaching us all about love and not being afraid to show we care.
You are fearless about love and your message is heard
It fortifies us and encourages us to spread the good word
Until from my lips to his ears and so on from there
This wonderful chorus becomes a new prayer.
A prayer that is being answered in you and in me
A prayer that is being realized in everything that we see
In our children, our friends, and all the loves of our lives
A prayer that began with you and now lives and now thrives.
Changing the unchangeable is what you do so well
Each and every one of us benefits from the truths that you tell
New understandings help us all to grow [as you say] in love
And though this is your birthday WE received in YOU, a special gift from above.
At the core of you I recognized me
Significant and glorious and fully the “I”, I strive to be!
© Sharon J. All Rights Reserved 2008

Love in Transition
Like a Phoenix...i burned to become
who i am
I am rejuvenated
love renewed
I am
what God perceives me to be
So, i am
I am
A new breeze
a glowing flower
a full moon
the morning hour
full of ideas, and the grandest wishes
the remaking of me
I am
the future, bright and new
spreading my wings
lighting my life
breathing my dreams
The Phoenix,
flying high...
I am Love again!
***Happy Birthday Lovebabz!***
Posted by Mizrepresent

Inspiring with words
Humor and humility
Learning lessons to share

Brilliance and wit
Clever and fearless
Seizing a life full of love

Mom, Friend and Guide
Leading a family
Giving joy

Accepting support
Never alone
Encircled by a community
Who wish you greatness in all

Warrior for self
Looking inward then forward
Confronting, Transitioning

Mindful in the present
Faith in the future
Blessings building and growing

Your birth is a gift
Life a journey worth celebrating

Thank you for choosing
To share the moments with us

Happy Birthday

Capcity: Here's my Birthday Poem 4 ya:
H eart-felt
U ndeniably
G racious and
Z esty.

4 evah

L iving
O ut LOUD!
V ivacious
E ncourager
B old
A dmirable
B ad-azz
Z ealous about her transition;-)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My first kiss
My first standing ovation
My greatest english teacher
The first time I caught a touchdown pass

Winning my first dance contest
Reading Iceberg Slim
First raid of Pop's dirty books

First date
First love
First sax solo
First sex duo

My first blog entry
My first really big speech
My first realization that there is life after divorce

My first time discovering LOVEBABZ

Happy Birthday Babz!!!


Anita Dayam Break said...

free from life's fears you're
blessed and strong-you are love-babz
life in transition

My gift, a haiku poem for your birthday...
Happy Birthday!!!

Lovebabz said...

Anita Dayam Break!
Thank you for the beautiful haiku!

Piecake said...


Lovebabz said...

Thank you Piecake!

Your very beautiful poem is up!

Thank you kindly!

Shai said...

Happy BDay Lovebabz. Check you email.

Lovebabz said...

You are AMAZING! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Don said...

happy birthday, lovebabz.

keep that smile on your face throught the day, and enjoy. i emailed you the poems.

wishing you continued blessings.

Lovebabz said...

I got them! You are AMAZING! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Thank you so much for all your encouraging posts! I do so appreciate you taking the time to wish me birthday greetings! I am smiling and I plan on smiling all day!

Rich said...

Ohhh, busy Rich
Didn’t forget your birthday wish
I just didn’t write it up
I hope this don’t bust us up

You know you gets much love
From the STL side
Come thru the city
Take u for a ride

Love the chick who greeted me with
“You know I’m a felon, right”
With an attitude like that
You know I said fuggit

What the hell is there to do in Connecticut?
This I got to see
It must be hella good
To keep the interest of B.R. Ivey

Well, I won’t prolong
You know I got blogs to read
But I had to swing around your way
To wish the Fly Grown Woman
A very Happy Birthday.

2 Fingers


Don said...

thanks for the kind words. you're welcome.

pserendipity said...

The things I do for my sorors....Be warned, I'm more of a Dr. Suess.


Sister spirit &
Kindred spirit
One day will sit and
have a beer at

The happy place!
The place of peace,
Where LoveBabz lives
And strangers meet.

Where there is love
And there is life
And it's full of living
Minus strife

Can't wait to get there
Can't wait to see
What sisters we are,
LoveBabz and Me!


I hope you have a splendiferous day today!!!

Lovebabz said...

I LOVE YOU! I swear this just took my Birthday HIGH to a whole new level! If you could see the smile on my face and the rolling on the floor with laughter I am doing..SHIGTY! This is PRICELESS!

Lovebabz said...


Any poem and prose by MY soror is a JEWEL! And the fact that you mentioned beer! Sister we are on!

I am so grateful for your beautifully crafted Seusical-esque poem. It captures my heart in a big way!


May-Bee said...

Happy Birthday!

Here's my poem:

Googling on a frozen day

One bitter day
(Around the New Year),
While I was Googling --
Trying to connect
With people who had
Shared the chilling
I was feeling;
Trying to find evidence
It wasn't permanent --
I found you,
And it felt like
The blast of warmth
That is homecoming.

Have a wonderful day!


Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

The Love I Know

Across the blogosphere
Recognition sought to introduce us
Like two old friends reunited
In that moment I perceived
Synchronicity’s stamp
Etched on everything about us
Despite your doubts you stepped up
All I had to do was call
And daily you are the one
Giving me gifts
But today is different
In a special way
I want to acknowledge publicly
Exactly what you mean to me
Love is the hallmark of so much
That passes between us
Time, words, thoughts
Our common struggles
And even the way we have mated
Few can possibly understand my passion
Much less absorb it
You've actually held it in your hands
Recognized it for what it is
For that, you are forever special to me

Happy Birthday
From my soul to yours

I love you

Xavier (

Lovebabz said...

My Dear May-Bee,
Thank you so much. We are kindred souls! We are on the same road!
I hope you know how much this means to me. Words can be the most healing balm in the world. All this love energy is not just for me, it boomerangs!

Lovebabz said...

Xavier, my love,
I do so love the way you bring a sensualness to all that you write about. I was hoping for this because we are so connected and so in each others spirit! I absolutely LOVE IT!

Thank YOU from the deepest part of my heart and soul.

The Artist In Me said...

I won't forget the day I was intrigued by the open and honest testimony that infiltrated my computer screen.
-It was the first sequence of words, other than my own that I had somehow become tied to
-Your pain, your love, your loss,your gain
-They spoke freedom like never before
-Freedom that we all ought to be searching our souls for.

Happy Birthday Love! Thanks for being inspiring. I pray you have many, many more!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Lovebabz...happy birthday to you! Now make a wish and blow out the candle.

Lovebabz said...

Artist in Me,
Dear heart you inspire me. Your creative spirit call out to me and I am so happy to respond! Thank you for the kind birthday wishes!

Hey Miss Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs!
Thank you! My wish is...Oh it's a secret but you it's about LOVE!

Princess TinyButt said...

here you go my love...

- your life is my gift, so precious and great it is,
- the struggles, the journey, are my lessons.
- alone in the revelation.
- fear, uncertainty, pain, betrayal. yes.
- your love, insistant, persistant. just love.
- the realization that to live, one must love.
- one must love to truly live.
- because it turns the ordinary into the extrodinary
- love inspires, cleanses, redeems frees, and TRANSFORMS
- just as your words. they transform.
- the words are love. your words.
- they fill, lift, strengthen, move, and transform by
- revealing a most courageous and brave heart.
- the heart of a warrior and queen.

i love you..!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

the blessed birth of a queen
dressed you the dream
and birthed smiles into the air

the earth of your mother
is the mother in you
woman that life lives freely
as such is expressed in your divinity

happy nappy bday folk

Lovebabz said...

Oh Princess,
You truly honor me...undeservedly so. I am so glad we are friends and Sisters! I am grateful for your generous spirit and loving ear.

You gift me with such an elegant poem, that I am moved beyond simple words. I appreciate the high regard and the mere fact that you took the time to craft such a lovely collection of words on my behalf.

Thank you!

the prisoner's wife said...


and sis, i pRHOmise, i'm not blowing you off! things have been a bit hectic (life + emotionally) lately. but, i am penning the poem! i just want to make sure it's RIGHT! sorry i'm late...but i'm always late LOL

hope you enjoy your born day!!!

Lovebabz said...

Dearest TPW,

Don't be silly there is no such thing as being late for MY birthday...I will be 45 all year!

You are right on time!

CapCity said...

this is truly wonderful!

hmmm, i may borrow this idea for my 45th in some future years;-)...

Lovebabz said...

Yes this has exceeded my expectations! Now to get it all into a book!

And yes indeed, in the very far future consider doing it...I will be ready if I am not in a nursing home by then...LOL!

Ms Smack said...

Happy birthday, sister babz.

Lovebabz said...

Thank you very much Miss Smack!

Stephen Bess said...

This was a wonderful tribute. There is so much love for you in the blogosphere. Wow! They were all Beautiful with a capital "B."

Lovebabz said...

Hi Stephen Bess,
Yes and you have to read them all! They are lush and amazing and way way COOL!