Saturday, May 3, 2008


Yesterday was an AMAZING DAY! As my beautiful nephew Trent loves to say when things are going well...It's the best day ever! It sure was. Anyway as promised here are more of the beautifully written poems for my birthday. They are breath-taking! I have been back to yesterday's post a million times already, reading and re-reading the post and comments!

The Love I Know
By Xavier

Across the blogosphere
Recognition sought to introduce us
Like two old friends reunited
In that moment I perceived
Synchronicity's stamp
Etched on everything about us
Despite your doubts you stepped up
All I had to do was call
And daily you are the one
Giving me gifts
But today is different
In a special way
I want to acknowledge publicly
Exactly what you mean to me
Love is the hallmark of so much
That passes between us
Time, words, thoughts
Our common struggles
And even the way we have mated
Few can possibly understand my passion
Much less absorb it
You've actually held it in your hands
Recognized it for what it is
For that, you are forever special to me

Happy Birthday
From my soul to yours

I love you.

By Don, Minus the Bars

the most beautiful feeling
ever known
ever shown, by another human being
it left me feeling how the world
would be
could be
should we ever commit ourselves
to love

By Don, Minus the Bars

i can hear it in your voice
your words serve as living proof of mainfested truth
no one can deny the course of righteousness
no matter what they do
if the truth is in you
it's in you
a person can lie about your words
shy away from that which is being heard
the truth will forever reach
all you have to do is take a deep breath
hold your head high

By Torrance Stephens

the blessed birth of a queen
dressed you the dream
and birthed smiles into the air

the earth of your mother
is the mother in you
woman that life lives freely
as such is expressed in your divinity

By Shai Lynn Davis

She is
A soul seeking
Total fulfillment
Her vulnerable

She is
It with anyone
In her presence

She is
An artist

She is
Giver of

She is
Her womb
Raising warriors

She is
Seeing below
The surface
Realizing the

She is
The epitome
Of the glory
God wants us
To see

© Shai Lynn K. Davis 2008


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your day. May you be blessed with many, many, many more!

Mizrepresent said...

Love the poem additions! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Lovebabz said...

Thank you Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs!
I truly enjoyed the day! I am celebrating for the whole YEAR!

Lovebabz said...

Sister MizR,
I am so glad you enjoyed the poems. They are lush!

My day was phenominal! I am celebrating for the whole year!

laurie said...

Hey Sister! My tribute is up on my blog! Sorry it's a day late. You deserve to have a wonderful birthday month!! xo

Lovebabz said...

Dearest Laurie,
YOU are not late! You are right on time! I will be 45 all year long! I am on my way over to you now.

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

i see i'm on top, right where you wanted me ;-)

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Rich said...

ok, I wrote you something else.

Don said...

Hope you are still enjoying your bday celebration and I am happy that you enjoyed the poems.

Don said...

i am sorry the "never" should be "ever shown, by another human being."

Lovebabz said...

OH cut it out! (smile)

What? I am on my way over. I liked what you posted the first time it was witty and way cool!

I LOVED the poems! I will make the change. It is lovely either way! Again Thank you!

flutter said...

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and speaking with you at blogher

Lovebabz said...

Sister, we are going to have a funky good time at Blogher! I will be the Chick holding court at the bar!

Shai said...

Lovebabz, may I borrow this? I think it was an awesome idea. You get to print them out and bind them together for memories.

Lovebabz said...

Absolutely you can take this and run with it! I am planning to bind them into a book. Not for sale, but for my own collection. I may bind several and give them as gifts.