Monday, January 14, 2008

The Disney Princess Enchanted Tales DVD Review...Hey, I said I would review it, now shish

What's not to like about nonstop stories about Princesses? The Disney Princess Enchanted Tales DVD was a hit! My daugther Margeaux is a 5 year old Princess-in-Training. She loved it. She watched over and over and over. She forced anyone and everyone within a 50 mile radius of our home to watch...YIKES! A DVD solely about Disney Princesses, JOY! JOY !JOY!

My only problem is that my daughter and I are African American and to date there are no Disney Princesses that look like us. Does Margeaux she does notice from time to time and has asked me if Princesses could have dread-locs. Of course I say. But I know the reality is probably not--in the Disney Universe and therein lies the rub...letting my kid identify with princesses who don't look anything like her. Maybe I am too jaded and have seen too much in the world. I do know this DVD made my daugther happy and she imagined herself floating and lovely and lush and beautiful and she is all those things, the Disney Princesses just confirmed it and for that I loved the DVD.

So thanks.

I think little girls should have that moment in their life when all their dreams are pink and purple and the only worry is whether or not shinny sequenced shoes could be worn to church with a pink boa and of course a sparkly tiara. Hey, you're 5 only once...kick-it like a Princess I say!


James Tubman said...

there are lots of afican cartoons out there that project Black women as princeses and queens

queen nzinga is one (might have to search on the net for these)

her story is amazing

kaikou is another (search again)

there are many others

it's very important that you show her positive images of women who look like her

Krissyface said...

Wow, Lady...
this is an insightful and positive response to what I find to be a terrifying mindwashing marketing machine!!! My daughter wants to be a princess when she grows up, and can't decide between the group of doe-eyed, candy-coated young women who as far as I can tell offer nothing to humanity except pretty singing voices (except maybe Belle). Did that sound bitter?
I guess I've got some stuff to work through! BUT you don't!! Not in this area, anyway...your head's on straight (and that's probably why your daughter won't need as much therapy as mine) :)

Sojourner G said...

Wasn't Disney making a LOT of noise last year about producing the first animated feature with an AA female? I wonder what happened to that?

Lovebabz said...

James Tubman,
Thank you, I have never heard of these, so I will satrt looking right now!

Lovebabz said...

I am sure she will need therapy! Don't we all and don't we all blame our parents for our shortcoming and failings? (Sigh) the good thing is that I will be in a nursing home by the time her book comes out about Mommie Deasrest! (LOL)

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sojourner G,

Yes as far as I know it is still on tract. Disney asked me to review this--since I offered to review it with my 5 year old. So I am looking forward to the newest Princess of Color to show up!

KreativeMix said...

cool review!!!

James Tubman said...

i ment karikou for the second one

Sister P said...

My baby girl is three and we have been fastforwarding through the previews for the princess stuff. I've only let her see the Whitney Houston/Brandy Cinderella (still Disney which I feel is the debil!) and she reads The Shana Show (can't remember if its one or two n's). It's tough out here for a little Black princess wanna be!