Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am not nearly as well versed in all things football as my SisterLo, she has that locked-down. She and my two brothers are dyed-in-the-wool football fans! I know enough to talk intelligently, however, I do know a great deal about the federal sentencing process and publicity, public opinion and drama and yeah, going to federal prison. I am in no way condoning cruelty to animals, that is not my deal. I believe we are all worthy of grace. We are all worthy of love and redemption. Mr. Vick will serve his time and what he does with his life now, during and after his release is up to him. Everyone has an opinion, and some believe they have some sort of moral obligation to weigh in and tear down. I know how it feels to be the object of scorn, ridicule and humiliation. The press can be brutal and will fan the flames of public outrage. At the end of the day the lessons Mr.Vick learns are his and his alone. Yes, this is a cautionary tale for us all about so-called friends and unholy alliances. But in the quiet moments it is his ultimate lesson to learn. There is grace and redemption for him as it was and is for me and you. It is my hope that he uses this time to become more of who he is meant to be and who God intended him to become. To fully recognize that no matter what is said about him that he does not have to accept it. As my attorney said "We are not our worst moments"


Anonymous said...

These are thoughts that make one sit down, get quiet and carefully consider them. I pray that I learn lessons well from the mistakes of others, lest I follow the same path and suffer the same (or worse consequences). For that reason, I'm grateful for the weak moments of others...not because of what has happened to them but because they contain lessons, warnings and hopefully redemption. Though I can't see past some of my own, I'm grateful for them too and hope that others can learn my lessons.

It still takes a village.

cheri said...

We cannot be our worst moments, because for many of us the worst in us remains hidden. I think that's because the revelation of the worst for some is capable of becoming their saving moment and maybe that's not always the case in other situations. Years ago I worked with a young man who didn't really have a good home environment. Quiet, he smoked lots of weed and was a follower and hard to make inroads with during the school day. But, he got caught up in a situation with someone rougher and tougher than he, and became involved in a car jacking. He was 14. He got 7 years in the youth facility. And, it was the best thing that good have ever happened to him. Saved his life, I'm sure. We visited, I took him a Bible and we wrote back and forth for a long while. He came to see me when he got out, handsome, happy and feeling good about himself. After a rough beginning - difficulty finding a job with a record, he's doing better now and his Aunt is a friend of my sisters working, hoping to go to college, has a girlfriend and is stable. Michael Vick can use this experience to become more than he was, doesn't mean he'll have more money, but it does mean he may have more God in His Spirit...

Thanks for your uplifting words on my blogspot!



Mizrepresent said...

I think if Vick survives this, he is going to be a better person, a better man, a better black man, and i am rooting for him to come out on top and reclaim his crown. I think the Justice System went over the top. I think his family and friends that turned on him were shady from the beginning and i am hoping and praying that this brother and other brothers realize that from birth they have a target on their backs and chest, and the greatest victory is to succeed!

Jennifer said...

It's never easy to find the blessing in the midst of crisis, but I am convinced a blessing always emerges.
Like the everyone on the planet, Mr. Vick can make of this moment, and the rest of his life moments, ANYTHING he chooses.
The trick is to choose well.

Lovebabz said...

Sojourner g--yes, it does give pause to sit and ponder. There but for the grace of God go I.

Cheri-I have seen examples of young people going off to jail experience enlightenment and go on to do wonderful things with their lives.

Mizrepresent- yes I am inclined to agree, Brothers are an endangered species.

Jennifer--yes the trick is indeed in choosing well. Mr. Vick will have time to decide what he would like his life to be. I suspect he will choose well from this moment forward. All is not lost...just delayed.

tAnYeTTa said...

Speaking from experience (a person who has been judged in the past by people who didn't even take time to look in the mirror) I really hope Vick takes this time to reflect on his life in a big way. I can't even begin to think about what he's going through right now. I do know that he was probably caught up in all the 'fun' and didn't even think he would get caught. Yes, I do believe he knew what he was doing was wrong. He just didn't think it all the way through (the getting caught and snitched on) part.

I really hope he has learned a huge lesson. I hope he's taking notes on who really has his back through all this and first and foremost, he needs to get rid of rodney and 'nem. That's all I gotta say bout that :)